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Developer David Sirlin Talks Game Balancing, Fantasy Strike

Developer David Sirlin Talks Game Balancing, Fantasy Strike

Cory talks with developer David Sirlin about game balancing, crowdfunding, and his upcoming fighter Fantasy Strike.

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Round One: FIGHT! On this pugilistic episode of the Popzara Podcast Ultra Turbo HD Remix Alpha+, our senior games editor Cory “Quarters” Galliher steps up to the cabinet and dukes it out (using words) with famed game developer, author, and arcade guru supreme David Sirlin. From championing tournament gaming, rebalancing Capcom classics like Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix, re-imagining chess, crafting card and tabletop games and more, it’s the podcast of the century!

These two challengers go for broke about Sirlin’s anticipated upcoming arcade-style fighter Fantasy Strike, what non-Sirlin fighting game series he admires, the world of game development, crowdfunding in an age of crowdfunding fatigue, and even dish out choice tips for those would-be fighting champions anxious to join the fighting revolution. The state of battle is set: jump cancel whatever you’re doing and hyper-combo your way to the top – it’s showtime!

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