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pop·za·ra [päp-zära]: a bazaar of culture and commentary spanning the worlds of entertainment and technology fronted by an adorable, peaked cap dinosaur mascot.

Throughout Popzara you’ll find views on gaming, movies, technology, cultural icons and so much more. Reviews and previews, in-depth analyses, opinion pieces, conversations, and a regularly updated Podcast keep things interesting and always entertaining. Our diverse editorial staff is committed to bringing this cornucopia of editorial goodness in fair-minded and positive ways, with minimal snark and maximum fun. A little bit of everything for the discriminating reader and curious listener is what you’ll find at Popzara.

We’re opinion with a purpose, which allows us to choose topics based on personal feelings and passion, rather than depend on an ever-changing marketplace for centralized inspiration. Ideas and opinions here are completely agenda-free throughout; we’ve put the kibosh on flashing pop-ups, clickbait, and similar editorial obstructions. Likewise, your activity while visiting is kept private and advertising is confined to the margins – where it belongs. For more info about how we handle advertising and your data, check out our Ethics Policy.

A popular bazaar-a of content is what you’ll find here at Popzara. We love feedback and hearing from our readers, listeners, fans, and flakes alike. Comment on articles, follow us on your favorite social network, or reach out to the staff directly. We hope this approach will help readers rediscover the positive aspects of what got you interested in these topics in the first place. We’d love to become one of your favorite online haunts.

Popzara.com was proudly created in partnership with CK Hicks. Popzara is also a member in good standing of The Society of Professional Journalists and expects the highest levels of professional and ethical behavior from its staff and all contributors.