How Our Reviews Work

We employ a simple rating system here at Popzara: either we like it or we don’t. No complicated aggregates or hair-splitting shades of gray like B+ or 7.5 out of 10. It’s YAY if we like it or NAY if we don’t. It’s all about that gut feeling. How does the product make us feel in our heart of hearts? What impression does it leave us with?

So if it’s just YAY or NAY, then what does EDITOR’S CHOICE mean? Pay close attention to where that apostrophe is placed. That stands for EDITOR (personal) not EDITORS (plural). This means the product had an outstanding impact on the particular editor who did the review and not the whole staff. Take it as SUPER YAY.


Review Samples:

We often receive review samples by developers, publishers, product manufacturers, and other distribution companies. These can include the latest tech, books, videogames, movie screenings, software, or even home video releases. These items and services may be solicited or unsolicited on behalf of our editors or those companies involved, and we maintain a strict ‘Zero Payola’ policy for each and everyone.

We’re happy to have you contact us if you’d like to consider examining or reviewing your product, but we will refuse all requests for affiliate programs, link-backs, and ghostwritten content-for-hire solicitations. So don’t ask.

No Native Advertising:

Popzara does not create, produce, or participate in any native advertising programs. All products and services are graded fairly, with final review judgments given on their individual merits alone – as it should be.

If you’re interested in having one of our staff review your product, game, film, or anything else, please visit our contact page and send us a message. Be aware that submitting your product for review is not a guarantee that it will be featured.

Above all else, please keep in mind that our reviews are just opinions. While we strive to be as fair-minded as possible when we review it’s YOU who will be the one who will make the final decision on whether to like or dislike the subject of our review. Ultimately, its your viewpoint that matters most. We’re here to offer an thoughtful opinion that may help in making that final and all-important buying or recommendation decision.