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Top Wing
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Top Wing

Another great educational adventure series from Nick Jr that soars.

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With my younger relatives being huge fans of Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr lineup, I’m always in the know of all the hit shows they have. One of the latest ones is Top Wing, another educational, high-flying fun series that fits in perfectly with the rest of their programs that makes its DVD debut here. As with the rest of the Nick Jr shows, it’s one families will want to soar with.

This DVD comes packed with seven episodes featuring four feathered friends named Swift, Penny, Rod and Brody who are rescue cadets with awesome flying vehicles that help others in trouble on Big Swirl Island. As they aid those in need, they’ll become a better team as they earn their wings to become full-fledged rescue birds at the Top Wing Academy.

Teaching kids the power of teamwork, some of the best adventures from season one are featured on this DVD, starting with the pilot episode (pun intended) “Time to Earn Our Wings” that introduces us to our feathered heroes who vow to be the best rescue team ever. “Race Through Danger Canyon” has Swift coming to the rescue when Baddy McBat gets into trouble showing off his flying skills at Danger Canyon, “Rod’s Big Jump” features Rod wanting to earn three jump badges in one day, which proves to be quite the challenge. “Treasure Map Mission” is an adventure with Penny discovering pirates and having to rescue her teammates from them while trying to earn a map reading badge.

There’s three more exciting episodes on here that are just as fun and action-packed, and me and my young cousins had a good time watching all of them. It’s always cool to see Nick Jr shows come from all parts of the world, with this one being from Canada and featuring some well done artwork and CG animation. The cast of characters are funny and fun, and remind me a lot of a bird version of the PAW Patrol series.

For a DVD, everything looks and sounds good, but here’s hoping one sweet day some of Nick Jr’s lineup gets a Blu-ray release (More episodes per disc and in high definition? Yes please!). While there aren’t any special features here, the seven episodes alone are special enough to keep children and their families busy for a while.

If you’re looking for the next big kid’s show to bring home to the family, you’ll want to fly high with the Top Wing DVD. A great cast of fine feathered friends and their awesome flying vehicles to help others and save the day makes this a series that will soar high with kids and those young at heart.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell