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PAW Patrol: On A Roll!
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PAW Patrol: On A Roll!

Fans will want to get on a roll with this latest game release based on the popular kids show.

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Those who follow my Nickelodeon DVD reviews will know that me and my young family members are fans of the hit Nick Jr. show PAW Patrol. So it was a given that I had to take a look at the latest game based on the series titled PAW Patrol: On A Roll! If you and the kids are looking for some doggone good gaming fun, you’ll want to join the pups in this adventure.

Ryder and the pups are back again doing what they do best, helping people and other animals in trouble by using their wits and cool gadgets and vehicles to save the day. Now it’s your turn to guide them through different adventures as you collect dog treats and jump your way through platforming fun to rescue those in need. Sometimes you’ll have to find someone that’s lost, or even build a bridge for others to cross to safety.

No matter what it is, no job is too big or small for these pups. With easy and spot on controls, anyone of any age can jump in and play with their favorite PAW Patrol characters. All of them are here, including Everest who appears on the show every now and then, along with some of the other characters that were added into the series later such as Tracker.

As with most kids games, the graphics and sounds aren’t much to talk about, but they capture the look, feel, and sound of the series perfectly. Ryder is always on standby to guide you through the level should any child get stuck, though it’s surely to become annoying to older players when he chimes in every few seconds.

Another small gripe is that this is a single player experience, though you get to use two pups on each mission for a little variety. Even still, it would’ve been nice to had seen some local two player co-op to get kids and their parents to work together through the levels.

Fans of the show will want to pick up PAW Patrol: On A Roll!, as it captures the look and fun of the series perfectly. It could use a few tweaks such as co-op play, but kids and their parents are sure to have a howling good time with Ryder and the pups.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell