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Puppy Dog Pals: Going on a Mission
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Puppy Dog Pals: Going on a Mission

Disney Junior’s latest show is one for the dogs and children to enjoy.

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Not to be outdone by Nick Jr’s PAW Patrol series, Disney Junior has their own canine companions named Bingo and Rolly that star in one of their latest and greatest kid shows, Puppy Dog Pals. After being released a year ago and getting renewed for a second season, they finally make their home video debut with the Puppy Dog Pals: Going on a Mission DVD. Featuring the first seven episodes of the show (each being broken up into two mini episodes, so technically fourteen), this is perfect tree to start barking up on for kids and their parents to have a doggone good time with.

The show stars puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly who are always happy and excited to do things and go on adventures. Lucky for them this is made pretty easy to do as their owner named Bob just so happens to make zany inventions that his pets can use. You can be sure these puppy brothers make good use of them too, as they’re always out to have fun while also helping others along the way, whenever they’re not getting on the nerves of their older “sister” named Hissy who also happens to be a cat. From going to Hawaii and having fun in the sand, to Bob inventing a robotic dog that cleans up after the pups who in turn use it to go on adventures, to helping Bob get back a prized baseball, these pups are always up to something fun and exciting.

As with the other family releases I covered, me and younger family members had a good time with this release as it’s one of the better kids shows I’ve seen out there. I would’ve never imagined in a million years that comedian/actor Harland Williams (yes, the guy from the ill-fated 1997 Disney film Rocket Man) would create a fun show like this and also voice Bob the owner. It’s nice to see he’s found a good place to be in with this show as it’s already starting to become fairly popular with children out there. The DVD looks and sounds pretty good for what it is, and sadly there isn’t any special features, but these episodes run for a little over two hours so that’s more than enough doggone action for any viewer out there.

If you’re looking for something fun and furry for the kids to watch, you can’t go wrong with the Puppy Dog Pals: Going on a Mission DVD as it’s one of the best children shows I’ve seen in awhile. A fun cast of characters voiced by equally fun and spirited voice actors including the guy that created the show makes for a very good time that’s sure to have viewers howling in delight.

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