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Meet The Robinsons (Blu-ray 3D, DVD)
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Meet The Robinsons (Blu-ray 3D, DVD)

One of Disney’s most underrated animated films gets the 3D Blu-ray treatment in this action-packed adventure the whole family can enjoy.

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In yet another entry in Disney’s lesser-known films of the last decade, Meet the Robinsons 3D is a fun family adventure that features plenty of heartwarming moments, along with nice doses of comedy that help make this an extra-special treat for familie, while also being a nice addition to their ever-expanding Blu-ray collection.

The plot follows the heart-wrenching tale of Lewis (voiced by Daniel Hansen), an orphan who always get passed up on becoming adopted from the orphanage where he lives. As his thirteenth birthday approaches, he tries his best to impress some prospective parents who meet him. Sadly, his love of creating and inventing tends to scare most away, including them and any would-be adopters. During a school science fair where he is debuting his newest invention, Lewis meets a young teen named Wilbur (voiced by Wesley Singerman) who claims to be a time cop from the future and needs Lewis’ help to stop an evil villain that’s simply known as the Bowler Hat Guy (voiced by director Stephen Anderson) who has also traveled through time and appears to want to hurt the both of them or worse.

This leads our heroes on an adventure through time as they visit the Lewis’ past, present, and future for answers as to why the Bowler Hat Guy is chasing them, which leads to some heart-tugging and startling revelations. Of course being a Disney movie, there’s also plenty of comedy thrown in amongst the gloom and doom, which I found to be very well done. Moments featuring the short-armed T-Rex minion that accompanies the Bowler Hat Guy, and the Bowler Hat that actually that has both a mind and hidden agenda of its own, are sure to bring smiles and laughs to viewers as they watch the story unfold.

As with their other 3D titles, Disney has done a remarkable job with the video transfer here. Colors and details from the textures of clothes and skin, to those used on objects and backdrops show up perfectly. This helps the 3D effect to further make the visuals stand out, both figuratively and literally as it helps give depth and realism while also having a few moments where things tend to jump out at the viewer. The 5.1 DTS-HD audio comes in just as perfect, as every bit of dialogue, sound effect, along with Danny Elfman’s musical score is heard loud and clear.

The special features here are pretty fun as well, as it kicks off with audio commentary by director Stephen Anderson as he goes in loving details about the plot, characters and the tone of the film. “Inventing the Robinsons” gives viewers a eighteen minute look at the origins of film that’s loosely based on a book by William Joyce. “Keep Moving Forward: Inventions that Shaped the World” introduces viewers to real life inventors and visionary thinkers such as Walt Disney and others who have changed the world and peoples lives forever with their inventions. “Bowler Hat Barrage!” and “Family Function 5000: Family Tree” are two interactive games that kids are sure to enjoy, while three deleted scenes and two music videos “Kids of The Future” by the Jonas Brothers and “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas round out the extras.

There’s plenty of fun to be had by those who give Disney’s Meet the Robinsons a chance, as it skillfully deals with some pretty weighty subject matter in one of their most underrated animated comedies of the decade. There’s plenty of drama, comedy, and adventure here that’s further enhanced with a great cast of characters, a fantastic score by Danny Elfman, and amazing 3D effects that add to the experience. The picture and audio quality is crystal-clear, and fans of this cult-classic will definitely appreciate the treasure chests of special features. Those looking for an entertaining treat for the whole family can find it in this release, and you’ll be glad you invited the Robinsons into your Blu-ray collection.

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