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The Resident: The Complete Season One
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The Resident: The Complete Season One

Not as solid as the classic show House, but still an intense medical drama worth watching.

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As with the 9-1-1 season set I reviewed, I also found myself enjoying one of Fox’s latest shows The Resident: The Complete Season One DVD set, as I’m a fan of medical drama shows. While this one isn’t as great as Fox’s classic series House, it’s still packs enough intensity and drama to make it worth scrubbing up for.

This series takes place at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital where Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) is one of the best, yet unconventional doctors there. He’s the guy that’s always looking outside the box which yields great results for the hospital and the patients, which fuels his cocky and often arrogant personality. Thankfully his moral compass of sorts comes in the form of his co-workers, especially Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) whose innocence into the world of medicine, how it works, and helping others counters Hawkins’s way of thinking and doing things.

It doesn’t take long though for Hawkins and his way of thinking to rub off on his team, leading to instability within the staff as they decide if helping others is the right thing to do or the most profitable. Add this to the characters themselves already having flawed lives and troubles, and you have an intense medical drama on your hands.

I remember some of my family talking about how good this show was and have always wanted to check it out. I’m glad I had the opportunity to do so with this set as it’s a pretty good medical drama that checks off all the right boxes for an intense experience. It does have a tendency to delve into soap opera-like side plots with the characters that can be a tad frustrating at times, but overall it’s still a solid season. It’s also pretty cool they have one of my favorite underrated actors Bruce Greenwood playing a flawed but serviceable surgeon that adds some dark fun to the show.

I know I’m beating a dead horse here if you’ve read any of my DVD reviews, but I would’ve loved to had seen this in high definition in a Blu-ray set. Even still, the DVD’s look and sound good for the most part and make sure you catch all the drama unfolding. Another thing that would’ve been nice are some special features which sadly this set lacks. Maybe one day they’ll re-release this on Blu-ray with some extras, but for now this is a bare-bones set.

If you enjoy medical dramas with a side of soap opera-like moments, then you’ll want to check yourself into the unstable hospital that is The Resident: The Complete Season One DVD set. It’s not quite the replacement for Fox’s House, but it’s more than good enough to keep you watching until you reach the end, which is just in time for the second season that’s now airing on TV.

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