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Black Clover: Quartet Knights
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Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Fans of the series and hack and slash titles will find their lucky clover here.

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While I haven’t dug into the anime series Black Clover as much as I would’ve liked, I’m enjoying what I’ve seen so far as it’s filled with cool characters and plenty of swords and magic action. Now we’ve come to the inevitable video game based on the hit series in Bandai Namco’s release of Black Clover:Quartet Knights. Looking exactly like the anime as well as sounding like it thanks to the original Japanese voice actors filling in, fans will love this one while it pulls in action lovers as well.

Taking place in a world where everyone uses magic, we enter our hero Asta, an orphan who strangely can’t use magic, but learns some magic later on which can cancel out other magic. I know, crazy right? He has a good friend named Yuno that seems to be overloaded with magic, and they eventually join a magic knight group that goes around stopping evil people out there abusing their abilities, all while trying to become the next wizard king.

As in the anime, you’ll control Asta at first where he’s armed with this awesome swords that can cut through and deflect spells thrown at him. But as time goes on, you’ll be able to switch to other characters that each have their own style of playing thanks to having different classes they use. You’ll also be using a four-person team at all times, which comes in handy during the awesome but hectic action that goes on.

The controls make sure you’re able to handle anything that’s thrown at you, as you’ve got the standard attack, dodge, block/deflect buttons and skills at your disposal. I love how the game is easy to pick up and play, and how the combat is smooth as you rack up sweet looking combos upon your foes.

Remember how I mentioned the four-person team? Well of course this means you can team up with some of your friends and duke it out with another team in some good old fashioned online multiplayer. Thankfully there are AI controlled bots to fill in the blank spots should there not be enough players or if people get disconnected, which sadly seems to happen quite often as you play.

As I mentioned earlier, everything looks and sounds just like the anime, thanks to beautiful cutscenes and voice acting by the original Japanese voice actors. The only gripe I had is when they use static images for some of the cutscenes where nothing moves at all, as though they were on a tight budget. Even still, the graphics look nice and the gameplay was buttery smooth on my PC review copy, but I’m sure it’s just as great on consoles as well.

If you’re a fan of the anime and/or enjoy a good hack and slash title, you’re bound to have a good time with Black Clover: Quartet Knights. Those familiar with the series will love how it looks and sounds just like it, and action fans will get their kicks from the smooth but frantic gameplay.

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