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CES 2017: PicoBrew Simplifies Beermaking With The FreeStyle PicoPak
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CES 2017: PicoBrew Simplifies Beermaking With The FreeStyle PicoPak

Dreamed of brewing your beer or sampling crafts from home? Now you can with the Keurig of beermakers.

I love me some beer and so does everyone else, but have you ever imagined crafting your own brew? Traditionally, it’s a time-consuming process and can’t easily be done within the home, but this is where Seattle-based startup PicoBrew sees an opportunity where anybody can have the convenience and do it themselves with their innovative $800 countertop brewer from last year.

It’s been a hit for weekend homebrewers who want to create their own unique flavor of lager or ale, but the task can be daunting for beginners who don’t know exactly what they want. To answer the call, PicoBrew introduced the FreeStyle PicoPak at CES 2017 by letting people piece together a unique blend without going through the trouble or initial guesswork. With some imagination, simply go to the online BrewMarketplace and choose your base recipes as a starting point, with anything else afterwards open to complete user customization.

From here, you add as much or as little hops for bitterness, alter the amount of grain to intensify the alcohol content, and even include chocolate malt. The concoction is purely up to what the user choice and applies to American lager, IPA, or imperial stout—no varieties are left behind.

The PicoPak has also been proclaimed as the Keurig of home beermakers, because PicoBrew will also bring the flavors of established and well-known brand to your home. Want something different or to try an otherwise inaccessible craft beer? PicoBrew has partnered with a catalog of breweries like Foggy Noggin Brewing, Oakshire Brewing, Upslope Brewing Company, and Tin Dog Brewing to name a few. Aside from making the task of crafting relatively easy, people may discover a drink that may have otherwise been unknown to them and there’s no shortage of them either — even if they did travel to their local pub.

We fell in love with the consumer-grade Pico brewer and have been waiting to make our own beer. Fortunately for those who need some assistance the FreeStyle PicoPak should bridge the gap between novice and homemade connoisseur.

About the Author: Herman Exum