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CES 2017: TCL Gives Us 4K/HDR And Dolby Vision With P Series TV
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CES 2017: TCL Gives Us 4K/HDR And Dolby Vision With P Series TV

TCL introduces their most popular model with Dolby Vision included. Smart buyers wanting a 4K TV look no farther.

At Popzara, this is the kind of stuff we like to see at CES: affordable and well-equipped tech. By those merits, TCL may win our hearts with their latest C Series, and in particular, the P Series TVs. Let’s get the basics out of the way, it’s a 4K TV, has Roku streaming, and already has HDR, but the inclusion of Dolby Vision makes these TVs an easy choice for those who want it all without costing a fortune.

We like this because now the confusion on which picture enhancement technology to choose is greatly simplified, Netflix have committed themselves both formats of Dolby Vision and HDR10, while some film studios (Warner Bros., Universal) have stepped up to the plate and cooperating with manufacturers. For the consumer, this means your next TCL will have better blacks, 12-bit color gamut, and will be 40x better in brightness and contrast. I also can’t leave out the 68 billion color reproduction either.

The “C’ and “P” TVs are the flagships and look great despite TCL being comfortable with being a reliable budget brand in the States, and that’s fine by me because the picture has the quality dialed to most viewers. And viewing angles don’t suffer too much when off-center, making it a good fit for any household. In terms of looks, yeah, they styled it just enough not to be boring.

Right now, it’s too early to tell if the P Series will be a bona-fide hit. However, we’d call it a safe bet that if you want a lot of embedded features and like to be smart with their money. When asked, TCL gave us a ballpark figure of $500 for the 50-inch model and that’s damn good value for money. We anticipate the P Series will arrive in local stores by February at earliest, right on time to coincide with the latest Dolby Vision content.

About the Author: Herman Exum