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CES 2016: Panasonic Makes Kitchen Appliances Work Smarter, Not Harder
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CES 2016: Panasonic Makes Kitchen Appliances Work Smarter, Not Harder

Panasonic diverts my attention from their TVs to home appliances with hi-tech blenders, bread makers, and more.

Panasonic has always been synonymous from doing everything TVs, Lumix cameras, revival of their Technics brands, li-ion batteries for Tesla Cars, and even going as far as promising to turn Denver into a smarter metropolis. All of those things make Panasonic innovative whether it’s their conceptualizations or actual tech, and this CES was no different with their appliances.

I wanted to do something different this go-around and focus on the kitchen, with products that make preparation easier but also promote healthier living in the process. We (including myself) often take what we have for granted when making dinner or drinks for guests, in the case for the latter of the MX-ZX1800 Smart Blender could be the most high-tech smoothie machine you’ll ever need. First off, it looks futuristic with a single dial LED panel and when in action there’s barely any mechanical noise to be heard, in fact, whisper-quiet doesn’t quite do this blender justice.

But at a power rating of 1200-watts and 19,000rpm motors this won’t buckle under pressure if you accidentally fill it to the top, although cleaning a messy counter-top still applies. All of this blends together (no pun intended) with a unique two-tierm six-point stainless steel blade system effortlessly purees.


Panasonic also went ahead and made a better microwave with the NN-SE785S Cyclonic Microwave with Inverter Technology. There’s some science to this as the average person has often had to heat leftovers at least twice, by way of radiating energy in straight lines; which works in basic design but doesn’t cook food evenly. In the case of the NN-SE785S, a proprietary method of cyclonic waveforming distribute heat in a circular pattern. The advantages mean much shorter prep time, burnt edges, and more important undercooked centers usually associated with defrosting.

And finally, making gourmet-like bread was demoed with the SD-YR2500 Bread Maker which launched just a couple months ago. No matter what your taste is I was told the YR2500 can accommodate all types of flours, and will mix, knead, and raise the dough with just one push of a button, and can be optimized to match your preference of texture and varieties of doughs.


Of course, it’s also smart in terms of adding ingredients with Yeast Pro and raisin/nut dispenser which automatically distributes and releases things when the time is right. If you choose, you even preset the bread maker to bake a half-day ahead and make everything from French, pizza, tea cakes with gluten-free options.

My appreciation and first love for Panasonic may have started with TVs, but damned if their home living choices don’t get me off the couch and a lot more involved in the kitchen. For those of you seeking to make your kitchen existence that much sweeter, the MX-ZX1800 Blender, NN-SE7855 Cyclonic Microwave, and SD-YR2500 Bread Maker are all available now.


About the Author: Herman Exum