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Turtle Beach Atlas One Gaming Headset
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Turtle Beach Atlas One Gaming Headset

A no-frills budget-friendly gaming headset that covers all the basics – and practically all the systems.

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Any gamer worth their salt knows that having a good headset is a must, and that Turtle Beach makes some pretty good ones. Some of the best, actually, and with over a decade of experience you can bet that even supposed “lower-end” options will benefit from having such an esteemed legacy ready to trickle down the goods. Among their latest offerings is a new entry from their Atlas series: the Atlas One Gaming Headset, a no-frills budget-friendly headset that’s functional and covers all the right bases.

Using a metal-reinforced headband for added durability, the Atlas One headset sports 40mm speakers that cover your ears and guarantee you’ll hear every detail crystal-clear while also catching any thunderous bass from explosions, music, and other exciting bits from your games and movies.

There’s a great high-sensitivity omni-directional microphone that doesn’t slouch on picking up your voice like some other headsets I’ve used. Even better, when you’re not using it a simple flip neatly and discreetly blends it into the headset’s design. There’s also an easy access volume wheel on the side for those times you want to quickly quiet the action down to better hear your surroundings – or escape from noisy nonsense.

Another sweet feature of the Atlus One are the synthetic leather-wrapped memory foam ear cushions with Turtle Beach’s patented ProSpecs Glasses Relief System in place on top of that. For gamers like myself that wear glasses, this was a much welcomed bonus as not only do your ears stay comfortable while wearing these, but the sides of your head as well.

Because the Atlas One is wired you shouldn’t be surprised it uses a 3.5mm jack, which means anything using the beloved legacy port can pair it it. While Turtle Beach ‘stresses’ this is a PC headset, go ahead and plug one into your PS4, Xbox One, mobile device (though not so much with recent Apple devices though) and even the Nintendo Switch. Just like with Turtle Beach’s other wired option, the Elite Atlas Headset, you can easily plug this into Nintendo’s hybrid console for such much-needed audio expansion – though it doesn’t support direct voice-chat as the online service itself is bizarrely complicated.

It’s nice having a headset that I can unplug and swap over to any of the consoles and PCs I use (and I use them all!). When I’m done slaying foes in the latest World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth I’m known to switch over to another Blizzard treat, Diablo on the Switch. As soon as I’m finished it’s nice to relax a little with Fist of the North Star on my PS4 and maybe a little Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Xbox One X for some cowboy action.

Don’t let its minuscule price drive you away – if you’re looking for a no-frills headset that’s perfect for gaming or listening to your music or movies, don’t mind being tethered to your PC or console and won’t break the bank, then Turtle Beach’s Atlas One Headset is one you’ll want to pick up. It’s study and well made, sounds great with a good microphone, and has plenty of cushion with special padding made for those who wear glasses that make it stand out from the rest.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell