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Skullcandy SLYR GMX+1 Gaming Headset for Xbox One
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Skullcandy SLYR GMX+1 Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Perfectly acceptable sound quality with onboard balancing and volume controls; a solid headset if you’re specifically after Xbox One compatibility.

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The Xbox One’s library of games is gradually growing and with that comes more multiplayer options. Naturally, if you’re going to be playing online, you need a headset. Your old Xbox 360 headset is…well, you could get an adapter, but that headset is old. It’s creaky. You’re a consumer and by Jove you want to consume. That’s why you should check out Skullcandy’s SLYR GMX+1 Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One.

The SLYR GMX+1 is a fairly standard Skullcandy piece, by which I mean it’s a pretty good all-around headset. It plugs into the mini-USB-thing on the bottom of the Xbox One controller and includes a control panel similar to what you’ll find on the official Microsoft headset adapter. That control panel, though, properly referred to as a Controller-Mounted Mixer, offers a bit more in the way of features than the official solution. Primarily you’re able to adjust the balance between game audio and voice chat, which is a nice way of ensuring you can hear people over the roars of Halo gunfights or what have you, though it also includes one-push muting and volume controls as well.

In terms of fit, I didn’t have any issues with the SLYR GMX+1, though I’ll admit I’ve used more comfortable headsets even from Skullcandy themselves. I didn’t mind wearing it for an hour or two during quick Sunset Overdrive or Master Chief Collection sessions, but an all-night Final Fantasy Type-Zero HD marathon might be asking a bit much. It’s certainly durable, though, and it doesn’t look too ostentatious. You can swivel the mic up to keep it out of your face when it’s not in use as well, which is always appreciated.

Sound quality is as good as one would expect from a $100 headset. In other words, there’s a pretty good chance this is going to sound better than whatever’s coming out of your TV or monitor, so that’s a plus. I’ve seen the odd complain about the bass levels on the SLYR GMX+1, but I didn’t have a problem with this; I’ll admit, though, that I’m not exactly all about that bass, so if you want some boom you might be disappointed.

TheĀ SLYR GMX+1 Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One is a solid headset if you’re specifically after Xbox One compatibility. It excels in every area I tested – the vocal quality is clear, the sound is perfectly acceptable and the onboard balancing and volume controls are a handy extra touch. It’s certainly the leader of the pack as far as Xbox One-specific options go. If you’d prefer something that’s a little more versatile, though, the SLYR GMX+1 might not be for you, since futzing about with cabling is your only option for somehow getting it to work with other devices. Instead, check out Skullcandy’s PLYR series, particularly the PLYR1 wireless option that features optical output and is thus compatible with most televisions, PCs and game systems.

About the Author: Cory Galliher