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ROCCAT Burst Pro Gaming Mouse
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ROCCAT Burst Pro Gaming Mouse

An affordable lightweight mouse that gives competitive gamers everything they need – and nothing they don’t.

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Roccat has been making a global name for itself since headset manufacturer Turtle Beach acquired them in full last year, and they’ve been moving steadily into the coveted eSports market to solidify their reputation. We’ve covered many of their more recent products, including fine keyboards and an array of gaming headsets, and have mostly come away mostly impressed.

The Burst Pro Gaming Mouse is another step for the company to get their foot in the door, or in the hands of gamers, anyway. With an agreeable balance of performance and affordability in a better-than-basic shell, this is easily a gaming mouse worth taking a closer look at. Even better, it won’t break the bank.

Honeycomb Frame

Speaking of the shell, the general shape and feel of the body won’t win any awards for innovation but is still more than comfortable in the hand, measuring in at 2.63 by 4.84 x 2.63 x 1.50 inches (LWH). Despite sporting an outer body made out of transparent plastic with matte finishing that flank the sides, meaning the overall size is about average but still managing to weigh in at just 2.33 oz (69g). The details are opaque and show off RGB lighting elements near the base that shines through a honeycomb frame, creating a strong but equally lightweight feel that give the Burst Pro ergonomic credentials to match its looks.

Buttons and Titan Switches

A lot of other gaming mice usually compromise comfort for reduced mass, but Roccat settled somewhere in the middle with the Burst Pro. You get a standard six-button layout with two click buttons, a scroll wheel button, and a large square DPI cycle in the center column. On the left side, there are two “back” and “forward” buttons. Overall, it feels quite good to grip and offers comfy curvature to rest your hand easily, although the hard plastics guarantee that you’ll still have to take breaks in between for softer palms. Overall, the Burst Pro feels more than decent after a tight grip for a few extended hours of playtime.

Because every brand needs their own features to stand out, Roccat introduces their patented Titan optical mouse switches. Those familiar with whatever Razer, Corsair, HP or Logitech implements on their gaming mice will be familiar with this type of performance-boosting boasting as Roccat is touting performance gains that theoretically enable incredible response time reduction and fortified durability, with the Burst Pro switched rated for up to 100,000 clicks. The Burst Pro also features Roccat’s own Owl-Eye sensor, which is a retooled version of the 16,000 DPI Pixart PMW3389 and is accurate up to 400 inches per second.

That’s certainly an amazing claim but it remains to be seen if it holds up over time. In real-world usage playing games requiring extreme sensitivity such Ion Fury and DOOM Eternal I didn’t notice any real improvements compared to other mechanical switch mice I already have, but I also didn’t notice any performance downgrades either. The fact that a budget-friendly mouse can hang with the bigger name brands says a lot, actually.

Embrace The Swarm…Software

Just like the other brands, Roccat recommends installing their Swarm software to get the most out of the Burst Pro, which lets you remap buttons, create and edit macros, and reconfigure the mouse’s RGB lighting features. Chief among them is scroll wheel speed, cursor speed, double-click speed, and the ability to customize the scroll wheel’s general functions.

Additionally, the Burst Pro can store up to five profiles internally, or you make more on whatever PC you main on, a nice touch whether you travel to LAN parties or have very specific tastes based on whatever games you play. This also features Aimo, an RGB randomizer that actively changes its spectrum based on your activity.


There aren’t a ton of gaming mice out there that tout sleek(ish) lightweight build quality at a sub-$60 price, but here we are with Roccat and the Burst Pro Gaming Mouse. It doesn’t go overboard in style or features, but it does manage to be a well-optioned choice for dedicated RTS and FPS sessions, which is probably what most PC gamers are after when it comes to a clicker anyway. Ultimately, the Burst Pro offers an appealing value proposition for those seeking a competitive mouse without the usual competitive brand price hike.

About the Author: Herman Exum