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My Arcade Bubble Bobble Pocket Player
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My Arcade Bubble Bobble Pocket Player

Those looking for some on-the-go, old school gaming action will love this.

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Not long after I got an NES back in the late 80s, one of my earliest games for the famed console was Bubble Bobble. Maybe it was the super cute dinosaurs featured in the box art, or perhaps the gameplay pictures on the back of the box, but whatever it was it got me to get it and play it for hours on end. Now the classic game and some of its sequels are together in a convenient, portable package in the My Arcade Bubble Bobble Pocket Player. If you grew up with these games as I did or if you’re just looking for some old school action for on-the-go, you’ll want to pocket this collection.

This cool looking portable gaming device has three built-in games for you to play starting with Bubble Bobble, its sequel Bubble Bobble 2, and the rarely seen or played Rainbow Islands. In the first two games you play as Bub and Bob, two dinosaurs who can blow bubbles to trap enemies in them and touch them again to defeat the baddies. Things progressively get tougher as the stages and enemy patterns get more complex that will test your reflexes and wits as you find ways to defeat all of the enemies to advance to the next stage with a hundred stages to work through.

Rainbow Islands continues the fun as the dinos are now cute little kids with the power to project arches of rainbows to trap enemies and jump on them to finish the baddies off. No matter which game you play, you’ll have a good time figuring out the best ways to defeat the enemies and make your way to the next level. The 2.75″ full color backlit display makes sure you’re able to see all of the frantic action unfold, and thankfully My Arcade made this pocket player pretty solid as the circle D-Pad, two face buttons, and Start and Reset buttons hold up pretty well no matter how intense the gameplay gets.

There’s a mono speaker with adjustable volume, but you’ll want to grab a pair of earphones and make use of the provided 3.5mm headphone jack. I really like how you can either use four AAA batteries to power the pocket player or use a micro USB cable (like I did) to use it without batteries. The battery covers on each side on the back of the device also serve as handy ergonomic grips that make holding the pocket player a joy, and there’s an added wrist strap to make sure you won’t lose the device in your travels.

If you’re looking for some classic gaming to take on the road or sidewalk with you, the My Arcade Bubble Bobble Pocket Player is a pretty cool way to do so. Fun games coupled with a cool looking and joy to hold device make for a nice combination of retro gaming that’s sure to be a conversation starter when you’re out on-the-go.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell