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KontrolFreek GamerPack Alpha
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KontrolFreek GamerPack Alpha

A nice mix of two sets of thumbstick pads that any gamer will benefit from.

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Just when it looked like KontrolFreek couldn’t get any better, they drop one of their best ideas yet with the GamerPack Alpha that features not one but two sets of thumbsticks to give game players, from casual to pros, some extra control precision when they need it on their favorite games.

No matter what kind of video games you play or get into, chances are at some point you wish you had some kind of edge to hit those higher scores on some of your games or higher kill ratios on FPS titles. There’s also a good chance you’ve either heard of or seen controller thumbstick enhancements in stores, online, etc. but were debating on if they work. Well the GamerPack Alpha is sure to put those doubts to rest, as it’s one of the best I’ve used thanks in part to the two sets included that allow for some mix and match or standard use that’s sure to improve your game.

Featuring a green color you’d normally would associate with the Xbox consoles, this set is for both of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems, and contains a low-rise KontrolFreek Alpha set along with a mid-rise CQC Signature one. No matter with console or set you use, they Alphas add 3.6mm of height to your analog sticks while also providing a wider thumb surface for additional grip and comfort while playing. KontrolFreek could’ve stopped right there, but they’ve also included their CQC Signature set that has a concave/convex-hybrid surface along with their proprietary rubber that gives a nice, solid feel to the thumbsticks. These also add 6.1mm of height that give your controller a sturdier feel when gaming, and both sets are sure to improve your skills no matter what kind of games you’re playing.

As with their other products, I totally enjoyed using these once I quickly got used to them on my analog sticks. While they work perfectly using them at uniform sets on their own, I like the fact that you can get creative and mix-match them to your liking for even more cool results. Maybe you like having a wide but flat right stick, and a narrow, tall stick on the left. With this KontrolFreek GamerPack Alpha set, you can make combinations like this and more to fit your playstyle and possibly discover a new one you’ll enjoy.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell