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GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor
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GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor

A well-rounded gaming-centric monitor that offers solid 1080p visual and audio performance for the money.

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I’ve got an ever-growing collection of computer parts and other techno-junk laying around my condo these days. There’s a bag full of old RAM here, a hard drive there…maybe they’ll be useful one day, but I wouldn’t count on it. Monitors, though…monitors are evergreen. If it’s not a tube and it’s not broken, you’d probably want to hang onto it, since you never know when it might come in handy and they’re compatible with most everything these days. Speaking of which, my monitor collection grew a bit lately when I was the proud recipient of the M240 Professional Gaming Monitor, another offering from screen purveyors GAEMS.

With its 24″ dispplay, the M-240 is a little smaller than screens I’ve used in the past; when I first built my gaming PC I used a 27″ Toshiba, for instance, and I eventually moved up to a 47″ HDTV because I hate being able to see stuff and love having eye strain. It’s also much bigger than my last GAEMS product, the portable-friendly M-155.

With that in mind, I was a little concerned that the M-240 would be too small for my purposes, but that ended up not really being an issue. There’s plenty of pixels packed into that 24″ screen, so it’s got a clean, crisp picture with vivid color and no display lag whatsoever. That’s pretty much all you need in a gaming monitor, and my eyes have finally stopped bleeding after gaming sessions, so my doctor should be happy too!

I didn’t have any issues using the M-240 for a variety of games. My current love affair with Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward was well-suited for the device, much to my surprise; I was concerned that the text would be too small but that turned out to be a non-issue. Meanwhile, more action-packed games like Rocket League make the monitor sing. One warning: this is a 1080p monitor, so if you’re after 4K then this one’s not going to do it for you, but 4K’s not really a standard option these days so this isn’t a killer.

You’ve got a couple of HDMI inputs on the M-240, allowing you to connect both your PC and a game system if they’re sitting near each other. GAEMS was even king enough to throw in a HDMI cable for these purposes, but it’s fairly short so you’ll probably want to supply your own. As I’m learning is common on GAEMS screens, the ports have a dust cover, allowing you to keep them clean if they’re not actively in use.

The M-240’s onboard sound came as a nice surprise; while I was happy with the smaller M-155 portable screen, the lack of speakers on that one meant I couldn’t use it as a primary monitor. That’s not the case here. The M-240 has pretty decent sound quality; if you’re an audiophile with a fancy headset or speaker system, you’ll probably want to continue using those, but otherwise you won’t have any problems with how things sound. In particular, the M-240’s bass response was impressive by default, and this can be further adjusted in the monitor’s menu or enhanced using the subwoofer-only output port.

That menu also offers options for adjusting picture quality, contrast and other settings, much like what you’d expect from an HDTV. The M-240 is designed for gaming so you don’t have to turn on a discrete game mode to avoid input lag as you might with a television. However, there’s an option to switch between PC mode and Console mode – the former offers a sharper image useful for viewing text, which is helpful if you’re using the M-240 for purposes other than gaming on a PC, but you’ll probably prefer the more vivid color offered by the latter for console gaming. On-the-fly adjustments to brightness and volume are available via the small remote that comes with the monitor, as well as easy menu access and input selection.

Build-wise, the M-240 feels a lot more durable than your average screen, which makes sense given it was designed to be easy to cart around. There’s a rotatable plastic stand that hooks onto the back; you can rotate this down to stand the monitor up, including adjusting the viewing angle, or rotate it up and use the stand as a handle for easy transportation. This is a fairly light screen by monitor standards and it comes with a carrying case and the aforementioned dust cover for the ports, so there’s no need to be shy about lugging it to other rooms, on trips and so on.

All in all, the GAEMS M240 Professional Gaming Monitor is a well-rounded monitor that offers solid visual and audio performance. At around $400 it’s also fairly affordable. While some might prefer a larger screen, the M-240 packs a lot of punch into a small, mobile package, and if you aren’t after 4K display it’s an easy recommendation.

About the Author: Cory Galliher