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Ferrino XL Gaming Chair
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Ferrino XL Gaming Chair

RapidX delivers one of the best and most comfortable gaming chairs out there, especially for big ‘n tall users.

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Most people already know when it comes to gaming or working at a desk for hours on end, you have to have a solid, comfortable chair. I’ve been in the market for one for quite some time now, and our new friends at RapidX were kind enough to send over one of their best chairs, the Ferrino XL, over for review. While I was skeptical at first due to its slim, lanky appearance, I can attest after using it that it’s one of the best chairs I’ve ever sat in, and comes highly recommended for those looking for a quality, comfortable one.

For those wanting all of the technical details, this chair features a 20.8-inch black aluminum star base with 3 inch rim style caster wheels, 16.5 inch inner/22 inch overall front seat width, 14.3-18.5 inch seat width, 22.8 inch seat depth, and weighs 64 lbs (29 kgs). What that translates to me, is right off the bat when sitting down I could immediately feel the difference from other chairs I’ve had and used thanks to the Ferrino XL being made with a dense polyurethane foam core. Most office chairs are made with squishy padding that feels good at first but wears out quickly after sitting for long periods of time/after months of use.

The chair feels firm but comfortable in use and never “sinks” down uncomfortably like so many others do. Another cool feature are the adjustable armrests that can be raised or lowered by three inches, can slide forward and sideways, and are positional at three different angles to boot. Basically, if you love to customize your seat, you’ll love the options here.

I also like how the chair is fashioned after sports/race car seats with a slender but sturdy frame lined with stylized polyurethane leather with a bucket seat that feels great when sitting down and relieves pressure on your legs. Those who like to take power naps in an office chair will be happy to know this chair leans back…nearly all the way back from 85, all the way to 165 degrees. This combined with adjustable and removable neck and lumbar support pillows means it’s easy to get super comfortable while you work, game, or just need a spot to doze off.

My favorite thing about this chair is the overall height and size, as it’s hard to find a good chair for big and tall guys like myself (6’5” if you’re curious). I love how high the chair is off the ground, and if you happen to be more on the big side than tall, you’ll be glad to know this one supports up to 350 lbs (159 kgs).

If you’re a big and tall person that’s been searching the world for a solid, reliable, and comfortable gaming chair, you really can’t go with with RapidX’s Ferrino XL. It’s available in a variety of different colors (I requested mine come in brown on black as I love the style), and is incredibly durable with firm leather and dense polyurethane foam. Better still, there’s plenty of sweet bells and whistles like adjustability and customization that’s unmatched by most other chairs on the market. True, it can seem a little pricey depending on where you shop, but it’s worth every penny as this is easily one of the best I’ve used and comes highly recommended.


About the Author: Chris Mitchell