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Core Gaming Backpack
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Core Gaming Backpack

Covers all of the essentials for gamers and laptop users on the go.

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Like a lot of gamers and tech people out there, I’m usually toting a backpack with all of my tech goodies or other items I need or pickup while out and about. Our friends at Mobile Edge were kind to send over yet another amazing backpack called the Core Gaming Backpack. With a front Velcro Panel, the ability to hold laptops up to 18″ in length, loads of pockets and compartments, and a USB port built in on the side for quick access to a portable charger you’re carrying, this just might be the most tech savvy backpack on the market right now.


While it’s designed with gamers in mind, anyone who carries around laptops and other portable tech will find plenty to do with the Core Gaming backpack. The first thing you’ll notice is how solid it’s made and feels, thanks to the durable ballistic nylon and padded air-mesh shoulder straps and back panel that makes carrying even the biggest loads a breeze. There’s also a padded carry handle for easy lifting and a convenient trolley strap should you want to stack it on top of any other luggage you’re carrying. Speaking of which, this pack makes it easy on you at airports, as it features a checkpoint friendly laptop compartment, a separate fleece lined pouch for tablets and e-readers, a place to store your headphones along with plenty of space to hold any other extra items

This is made even better with the three large storage sections this pack features, so you’ll always have more room than you know what to do with. The biggest and neatest feature of this backpack to me is the pre-wired USB slot on the side of it that makes it easy to connect the included USB cable to a power bank or external battery you’re carrying inside the bag, and being able to charge a smartphone or any other device on the outside. A feature like this is sure to come in handy when you don’t want to be fumbling around in your bag for a charger, or scramble to find a place to charge your devices. You’re also sure to be a lifesaver for friends or acquaintances that can take advantage of you being a portable power source as well. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also four side accessory pockets for any of your smaller devices such a mouse for your laptop, cables, or even big water bottles which is always a plus in my book. This backpack also sports a lifetime warranty should anything go wrong, but as well constructed as this pack is, it should last for quite some time before anything like that happens.

Mobile Edge’s Core Gaming Backpack is one of the most well-made and feature heavy packs any gamer or portable tech user can get. Solid construction, plenty of roomy compartments and extra pockets, and especially the awesome addition of a built-in USB slot with included cable for your mobile power supply devices easily make this one of the must-have backpacks for any tech user that’s constantly on the move.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell