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Bloody Gaming P85 Light Strike Optical Gaming Mouse
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Bloody Gaming P85 Light Strike Optical Gaming Mouse

Those looking to step up their game on PC can’t go wrong with this mouse.

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As you’ll see in my review for Bloody Gaming’s B820 keyboard, there’s nothing like a solid keyboard and mouse combo to make you and your PC feel fresh and powerful. Thanks to our buddies at Bloody Gaming, you can have both with their B820 and P85 Light Strike Optical Gaming Mouse. If you’re looking for a solid upgrade from your standard mouse or simply want to up your game skills, you can’t go wrong with this.

The slogan for this mouse is to “give you the unfair advantage”, and that’s exactly what it feels like using this. Utilizing the same Light Strike micro-switches used in the B820 keyboard, the eight, fully programmable buttons here are lightning fast (0.2ms response time) and are super durable for over 20 million clicks. They even have you covered with a sweet scroll wheel that feels smooth and solid, boasting to last over a million scrolls (obviously we’ll have to take their word on that one). It also uses their PMW-3325 Optical 5K engine that gives you up to 5000 CPI with a tracking speed of 100 inches/sec (IPS) and a frame speed of 4,600 fps. Unfair advantage indeed.

As with the B820, this product features RGB lighting to customize any color scheme you can think of using the Bloody software. Also, you can use this software to create a profile and make your own custom macros, settings, and more to fine tune the mouse into a personalized weapon of choice for your PC gaming. One of the coolest things I’ve noticed that it can do is change how many clicks you want or need for a skill you’re using. So for example if you have a favorite gun in a FPS game, you can set any button to click only once to eliminate accidental double clicks, or set it to double-click with one press, and so on.

There’s so many deep and cool options included in the software to tailor make your experience, that I could go on all day about them. Needless to say, these proved a huge help in games such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Guild Wars 2 where precision and fast controls are key. This mouse is also very well made and features Bloody Gaming’s “Metal X’Glide Armor” that helps it glide on just about any surface for smooth and precise cursor movements, as well as improved accuracy no matter how intense things get.

The Bloody Gaming P85 Light Strike Optical Gaming Mouse is the perfect companion to Bloody’s B820 keyboard, and just a great gaming mouse overall. Solid build quality, loads of awesome customization options, and lightning fast movement and response times make sure playing with this mouse is a bloody good time no matter what games come your way.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell