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Bloody Gaming B820 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard
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Bloody Gaming B820 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

A great keyboard that’s perfect for frantic gaming sessions or just everyday typing.

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Any PC user or gamer will tell you that a good keyboard and mouse are critical to success when doing everyday things on it, and especially when it comes to PC gaming. Thankfully our friends at Bloody Gaming have sent us both, starting with the Bloody Gaming B820 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard. If you’re looking to build a gaming PC, or just want to upgrade to something great, this one will have you clicking and clacking in no time.

This B820 keyboard from Bloody Gaming features their Light Strike (LK) optical switch technology to deliver a smooth and responsive experience. How does this work you ask? Well instead of using a typical keyboard setup that features springs to register presses on the keys, this one uses the same kind of laser optics that a optical gaming mouse does to register a keystroke. Thanks to this, it has a 0.2ms key response that’s literally lightning fast and is perfect for intense gaming sessions. Also since it doesn’t use standard springs in the keys, each key claims to last over 100 million presses, which is nearly 70% longer than mechanical switches.

Bloody Gaming also has you covered just in case you’re used to mechanical switches, as the B820 comes in two flavors, Blue switch that’s tactile, clicky, and perfect for those who like to feel their actions. And then there’s the smoother, quieter linear Red switch model that any typist will love for stealth key pressing action. No matter the model, both feature a full-size layout with the added bonuses of N-Key rollover with anti-ghosting. So no more accidental key presses when you’re planning your next term paper or Zerg rush.

I can vouch for this when playing StarCraft II where I’m no pro when it comes to actions-per-minute (APM), but when I was testing this product out against the AI, I can easily see why people become addicted to getting better and faster APMs by using a fluid keyboard such as this one. It also came in handy when I played World of Warcraft healing others in dungeons and raids where fast and responsive keys are a must.

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about this keyboard, the build quality and features are just as awesome. It has fully lit RGB backlighting with 16.8 million colors per-key you can customize using the Bloody software program included. The software also allows you to fully program macros to any keys you wish for the ultimate layout. If you happen to be an accident-prone or messy person (it happens), you’ve covered thanks to the solid brushed aluminum alloy casing, anti-slip support to keep it in place, and most importantly, a liquid drainage system for accidental energy drink or soda spills to keep your keyboard working no matter what happens. You can even pop the keys off and give them and the board a deep cleaning which is always a plus in my book.

So if you’re looking for a solid, quality gaming keyboard that’s also perfect for everyday typing and PC stuff, you can’t go wrong with the Bloody Gaming B820 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard. Featuring Blue or Red switches, all sorts of bells and whistles gamers expect when it comes to fast and frantic gameplay, and some nifty extras to make sure durability is never an issue along with spills and sweaty hands, this is one bloody fantastic keyboard (pun intended).

About the Author: Chris Mitchell