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Solo New York Re:Claim Backpack
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Solo New York Re:Claim Backpack

Featuring plenty of space and eco-friendly to boot, this might be Solo’s best backpack yet.

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Just when I thought Solo NY couldn’t top some of the previous bag collections, they change up the game yet again with their latest series that focuses on making stylish and functional bags made from recycled PET bottles. One of the backpacks from this collection is the Solo New York Re:Claim Backpack, which is the perfect bag for everyday use or those wanting to keep their laptops and business materials safe while on the go.

Featuring a sleek, grey material that’s made from recycled plastic bottles, this backpack has a main padded compartment that can fit laptops 11″ to 15.6″ to ensure they’re safe during your travels, with plenty of extra space for any books, documents, and other items to fit in front of your laptop. Then we have the front pocket with a zipper that has an organizer section for all of your pens, pencils, and such, as well a handy key ring.

On top of the zippered pocket is a space between the two straps outside of the pack where you could easily store a small umbrella or a rolled up jacket, blanket, towel, and anything else you can roll to fit into the space. As another nicely added feature, there’s also a smaller zippered pocket on front of the main one for any small items you need to carry around.

Speaking of carrying, should you ever get tired of having the pack on your back, or just like holding things the old fashioned way, there’s a comfortable handle that comes together with Velcro for you to use which also secures the main compartment as well.  As with most backpacks nowadays, there’s some mesh pockets on each side for holding water bottles or any other drink containers you can fit in them.

Located on the back of the bag between the comfortable shoulder straps is another strap that allows the pack to slide over the extended handle of a luggage bag, making the Re:Claim easy to take along on trips to be used as a carry on piece. This is something I tend to do frequently on my travels as having a bag this size ensures I have everything I need on a plane flight while being able to perfectly fit under your seat during take off and landing.

The Solo New York Re:Claim Backpack is yet another great bag from the company that’s perfect for anyone that does a lot of traveling and commuting. It’s a strong and sturdy pack with plenty of space for your laptop or tablet, any writing and/or tech accessories, and has nifty features such as the front loops for an umbrella and back strap to fit the bag over luggage handles. Add in the fact that it’s made from recycled bottles, and for each bag sold that Solo New York plants a tree, and you have one of the best bags for yourself and the planet.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell