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Solo New York Magnitude Backpack
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Solo New York Magnitude Backpack

Solo New York offers another feature-packed backpack with this durable, yet lightweight gem.

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Just when I think Solo New York has done it all (and they just about have), they continues to surprise and amaze me with their backpack and luggage collections. They recently released their streamlined “Gravity Collection”, which attempts to marry urban style with actual functionality. Don’t laugh – those two things rarely go together, but that’s exactly what you’ll get with their Solo New York Magnitude Backpack. If you’re looking for a pack for business or pleasure commutes that’s as strong as it is light, then look no further. Oh yeah, it also looks pretty sweet.

Right off the bat, the first thing that blew me away was how extremely light this backpack is. It’s so light, I thought I was sent an empty box when my review sample arrived (I’m pretty sure the thin box weighed more than the pack itself). Taking it out and holding it for myself made me chuckle in delight as the backpack feels as light as air, yet is just as strong and durable as other Solo New York products I reviewed. I can’t overstate how important this is, especially when you’re lugging around what could be your entire mobile office all day. The lighter, the better, and the Magnitude is certainly light.

Seeing this pack has a fully padded 17.3″ laptop compartment, I put it to use right away as my 17” laptop fit perfectly and was snuggly secure. For those who have tablets, there’s even a dedicated tablet pocket in the main compartment as well, so you can carry a laptop or a tablet or both at once. The main compartment also has a small organizer section for your pens, pencils, small notepad, calculator and goodies – which is always a plus for me when I’m out and about (you wouldn’t believe how often I need those things).

There’s also some side mesh pockets to hold your water bottle, other drinks, sunglasses, or any small objects you’d want to bring along. I love the front zippered pocket that’s always handy for small stuff such as your keys, phone, and anything you want to reach quickly.

Then there’s just the overall comfort of the backpack thanks to having a padded back and straps that keep your shoulders and back happy no matter what you’re carrying. If you’re using this as a carry-on bag for a flight, this pack will easily slide over your luggage handle should you choose to do so.

Solo New York wanted to impress with their Gravity Collection, and boy, did they succeed. It’s not easy to find a quality backpack that looks great and offers real protection on the go, but if you’re looking for the perfect carry-on bag or just a cool alternative to carrying around your mobile electronics and documents, you really can’t go wrong with the Solo New York Magnitude Backpack. It’s super lightweight, yet super durable for all of your daily commute or light business needs, and just might become your new go-to pack once you give it a chance. If nothing else, you’ll look great wearing it.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell