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Philips G413 Wired Gaming Mouse
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Philips G413 Wired Gaming Mouse

Not every gaming RGB LED mouse is created equal, but Philips makes theirs a affordable and practical choice.

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What qualifies as a gaming mouse nowadays? It’s a question that comes to mind now that every company under the sun sees the appeal of taking a peripheral and sticking some rainbow LEDs on an otherwise hum-drum device. Philips has seemingly jumped on this lucrative bandwagon with their ‘Momentum’ branded products and the G413 Wired Gaming Mouse with Ambiglow, which certainly looks the part and a passable option under strict budgets.

Eye of the Beholder

I was surprised that Philips even made (or slapped their name) on gaming-oriented hardware—but apparently, they’ve been busy over the past couple of years starting with monitors and keyboards. The SPK9413 (which is the product name I’ll be using for this review) broadens the portfolio with styling typical of its category, the general look features a sleek frame with additional forward/back buttons on the left side.

The entire body makes liberal use of hard black and transparent plastics that show off the “Ambiglow” RGB backlighting. Textured surface patterns are sparingly added on the side that have the appearance of providing grip, while lighting is strategically placed to accentuate hand placement. Other touches include a rubberized scroll wheel, braided USB cable, and a DPI button predominantly front and center.

You already know what a mouse is and how it functions, and for everyday usage the SPK9413 works as it should with nothing out of the ordinary. The physical feel is a bit slippery in the palm and somewhat unlike what a true gaming mouse should be, although the button travel and response will be competent for most people and meant to last up to 20 million lifetime clicks. Default cursor sensitivity isn’t bad either but is mediocre without adjustments, you’re mainly getting a neat backlight spectrum that breathes when left alone.

Gaming-Like Pointer

Now let’s talk about that DPI button which is the main selling point and probably the reason Philips calls this a gaming mouse in the first place. The function is simple with the G413 having four presets (1200, 2400, 3200 and 6400DPI respectively) and works on the fly with each press of the button and changes color to designate its current mode.

If nothing else, the SPK9413 delivers on  flexibility without too much of a fuss thanks to a 1000Hz polling rate, it doesn’t need additional software or cursor delay, with 2400-3200DPI is this mouse’s sweet spot for third-person shooters like Fortnite, and MOBA/strategy games where speed of input can decide a match. The 6400DPI which is the highest sensitivty it can go is impressive on paper but it was too inconsistent in cursor tracking or sudden jerks of the wrist, it was just more of a headache to use for longer sessions that may benefit from a thick mousepad to correct these faults.

That Engrish Tho…

This will sound petty, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Philips may have sourced this mouse (and accompanying keyboard) from a outside distributor—evident by the small amount of documentation written in ‘Engrish’. I can only assume that the SPK9413 was originally purposed for Asian or Middle Eastern markets because there’s almost no information about this mouse available online – even on Philips’ own North American website. The only way consumers can learn about it – apart from reviews like this – is reading the Amazon product page, which is chock full of unintentionally hilarious misinformation that it’s more likely to confuse consumers rather than entice them.

Conclusion: A Good Pretender

However, this probably won’t shock anybody when I say that the G413 Wired Gaming Mouse with Ambiglow happens to be another streamlined clicker with an RGB lightshow to spare on the surface. Yes, you’ve probably seen it all before but this has potential backed by an attainable low price, and that certainly doesn’t hurt appeal for budget-minded players who can appreciate it. Not bad if you’re trying to spend less than 20 bucks and willing to give it a fair chance.

About the Author: Herman Exum