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Mionix NAOS 7000 Gaming Mouse
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Mionix NAOS 7000 Gaming Mouse

Packed with focused design and plug-and-play performance, especially for right-handed users.

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Mionix has been hard at work improving their lineup of quality, enthusiast-grade gaming mice and for good reason: the competition isn’t just sitting on their hands. With the likes of SteelSeries and Razer constantly upping the ante in every other category, it’s relieving that an enthusiast-grade mouse like the NAOS 7000 Gaming Mouse can redefine the basics of a gaming accessory, at least for those right-handed gamers out there.

There are a wide variety of game mice out there, and not all are created equal. The NAOS 7000 is actually a modest update of their NAOS 3200/5000 pointer and its little brother the 8200, with only the most necessary of tweaks done. On the outside you probably wouldn’t notice the immediate changes as the same wide and asymmetrical body remains unchanged from its predecessors. The ergonomic and lightweight shape fits almost perfectly for right handers, virtually perfect for people who adopt a ‘full palm’ or ‘relaxed’ grip. It’s a nice combination of comfort and hardcore looks.

The internal workings of the NAOS 7000 are where the real differences lie. Unlike the 3200/5000, this model comes equipped with an 32Mhz ARM processor that helps maintain tracking performance, 128kb of memory, and a ADNS-3310 gaming IR-LED sensor. The customization features are equally robust with dual-zone changeable LED lighting, 7 programmable buttons, and a polling rate up to 1000Hz which we’ll get to in a moment.

For a run-of-the-mill pointer, the NOAS 7000 feels like an absolute dream, even to the point of unnecessary overkill for regular web browsing. Because of the aforementioned molded form that accommodates the entire right palm including the ring finger and pinky, there’s a natural ease of use along with the extensive use of rubber matte finish. Fatigue or strain during our impromptu endurance testing with DOTA 2 and Crysis 2 was almost nonexistent, with cursor tracking being exceptionally smooth on either a dedicated mousepad or dark surfaces.

Without a doubt Mionix has produced a solid gaming mouse even before you download the optional driver software, with button presets readily available to take advantage of the NAOS 7000’s most essentials attributes (active 3-step DPI switching and back/forward browser shortcuts). However if you do opt for the software, there are plenty of options tucked away in a neat interface, with the usual tweaks involving custom DPI, acceleration, polling rates, and of course a macro editor console. Last but not least is LED color customization and lighting effects, for that extra bit of uniqueness.

The NAOS 7000 Gaming Mouse comes packing with focused design and plug-and-play performance, and has to be one of best right-handed gaming mice I’ve used for the money, although some might question its overall value compared to its lower-spec NAOS models. There’s also the matter of preference for those wanting an everyday alternative. Mionix offers the Avior 7000, which comes in a conventional body but provides the same expansive list of features and options.

About the Author: Herman Exum