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Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard for PC
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Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard for PC

Louder than most mechanical gaming keyboards, but the Tactile Pro greatly improves the typing experience for work or pleasure.

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Mechanical keyboards are all the rage lately, and for good reason. They’re more expensive than your typical, $20 USB deal, but what you sacrifice in cost you gain in attention to detail: they provide increased physical feedback, along with a defined sense of when the key has been fully pressed. In gaming, milliseconds matter, so physical switches allow you to know precisely when the key has been depressed and how much pressure you can put on the key before its activated. But what about mechanical keys for non-gamers?

The original Tactile Pro received many accolades for its features, but until recently was exclusive to Mac users. The new Matias Tactile Pro Mechnical Keyboard for PC comes with a jet black finish and all of the features that fans of the original model will know and love. While this keyboard works well for gaming, it’s not a gaming keyboard per se: this mainly comes down to the use of special Matias Click switches, the actual physical switches that signal when a key has been activated. The Matias Click switches are modeled off of ALPS Classic switches, which require more pressure to activate than Cherry MX Blue or Red switches, the standard switches used in most gaming keyboards. They also make a physical clicking noise when depressed, a sound which can be pretty satisfying for typists like myself. A word of caution, however: these switches are a little loud, which means you may want to be considerate of roommates or people who share a cubicle wall with you.

This is a keyboard that’s great for a typist who also happens to be a gamer as opposed to the other way around, and it’s due to the little design features that help with workflow. As a full-sized keyboard, it includes the 10-key number pad with a slight change: the Num Lock key is replaced with a Tab key, making working through fields in spreadsheets a breeze. Above the ten key are dedicated Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mute buttons, meaning that you don’t need to combine the button press with a Function key to get the desired effect. Instead of flat surfaces, each key is slightly concave, creating natural resting spaces for the fingers. In addition, there’s an additional 3 USB ports, a nice holdover from its Mac origins, creating easy ways to charge devices or plug in a mouse.

Functionally, the Tactile Pro provides all the benefits one would expect from a mechanical keyboard: solid, tactile response and durability. Unlike most cheap keyboards with squishy feeling keys, mechanical keyboards feel like you’re working with a solid piece of equipment, a tool that you’ll want to use to do quality business or play. The slight increase in pressure required may cause some slight fatigue when first getting used to it, but I believe curved keys and increased pressure increase my typing accuracy and satisfaction with my typing experience. As with any new piece of hardware, it takes some adjustment when first starting out, but now I prefer the Tactile Pro over both my conventional laptop keyboard and my gaming-focused mechanical keyboard. If you’re looking for a great way to improve your typing experience for work or for pleasure, then the Matias Tactile Pro for PC is a great way to do it.

About the Author: Josh Boykin