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Logitech Wireless Mouse M320
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Logitech Wireless Mouse M320

Ugly as sin, but the M320 excels at being impossibly comfortable with perfect performance.

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I don’t want to ruffle any feathers here, but let’s face facts: pugs and bulldogs are pretty ugly dogs. By no definition do these canine companions fit the standard definition of ‘cute’ by any stretch, with their strangely misshapen mugs and upturned noses, sloppy jowls, and faces only a mother could love.

But hot damn, are they amazing dogs. Ugly, you betcha, but ask any pug/bulldog owner to switch over to a more traditionally ‘cute’ or ‘handsome’ pooch and they’ll laugh you off. They’ve got a dog with heart and personality to spare, and once they melt your heart it’s game-over man.

And that brings me to the Logitech M320 Wireless Mouse. Without question, this is one of the ugliest accessories the company has ever produced. The body is molded in cheap plastic, covered in a scaly lizard-like texture, with a bumpy backside that would make Kim Kardashian jealous. Frankly, it this thing didn’t ship in preschool-like day-glo colors (bright red, blue, black, and gray) it would easily pass for a garden slug, and not the cute (or delicious) kind.

And yet…I love it. It’s not often that I come across a budget mouse that instantly becomes my new default peripheral, but that’s what we have here. I unabashedly love the M320 in a way that justifies my curmudgeonly buying practices and makes me proud to be a cheapskate. It’s true that Logitech did send my review sample, but I’m going to pick one up to replace my fast aging – and dissolving – Microsoft Sculpt mouse for my laptop. It’s that awesome.

That snake-like, rubbery texture makes the M320 one of the comfiest, most joyful mice that I’ve ever wrapped my hand around. It’s a solid grip that doesn’t feel slimy and icky after extended uses, and for those of us who type and point-click often, you know what I’m talking about. It’s not a gaming-mouse per se, but it’s hard to imagine that RTS and FPS fans won’t love having a solid experience that won’t degrade – or worse, wear away – after greasy fingers and sweaty sessions collide.

This being a Logitech mouse you know the compatibility is there for Windows, Mac, Linux, even Chrome OS. Heck, I didn’t test the thing on Android but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it work there, too. As per these Logitech reviews the company promises an astonishing 2-years of battery life on a single AA battery (included, btw), a figure no doubt helped by the automatic ‘sleep mode’ that kicks in when not touched in a while. The indicator itself is a small green LED that, mercifully, fades after a few moments and only shines to let you know that things are A-OK.

All you’ll get in a standard three-button clicker: left, right, middle-scroll wheel, and nothing else. No programmable hot-buttons, no internet-friendly switches, nada. There’s a power button on the bottom to help conserve even more battery life, but that’s about it. And that’s all you’ll need for most tasks, especially if you live online and need a pin-point accurate clicker that won’t fail you in a pinch.

While I detest the angular, boxy shape there’s no arguing with performance. It’s pretty much a perfect mouse clicker, right down the noisy (yet satisfying) clicks and ultra-precise 1000 dpi resolution pointer that never missed a beat. There’s a perfect balance between weight (a cool 91 grams) and heft that make gliding this thing across desktops and other surfaces a breeze.

Let’s talk about the middle-click scroll wheel for a minute. My goodness, it’s the best and most comfortable I’ve ever used, budget-mouse or otherwise. Wider and flatter than most, covered in the series of ridges that let you feel every finger glide, this is how you design a scroll wheel.

Another misleading design element, in a wonderful way, is how the M320 is actually very lefty friendly. Yes, the mouse is clearly designed for a right-hand world – we’re the majority, after all – but despite its curvaceous nature it still fits and clicks comfortably in left hands.

One caveat for those of you living entirely in Logitech’s wireless world: the M320 doesn’t use the port-saving Unifying Receiver dongle, instead opting for a more generic Nano receiver.Thankfully, if you go portable (as I often do) the receiver fits snugly just inside the battery compartment on the undercarriage. I don’t have an issue with this as I use multiple devices (even from Logitech), but for those with limited USB ports and even those accustomed to a single Logitech dongle, it’s something you might want to consider.

While Logitech’s M320 Wireless Mouse is no looker, it does everything a mouse is supposed to do and does so in such a comfortably perfect way. Yes, it’s ugly as sin and the colors are awful, and while the scaly texture and rubberized feel may put off some at first, wrap your hand around one and you’ll never go back. Logitech has found that miraculous middle-ground between the inexpensive and performance that work wonderfully together, and at $30 the price is just right for such a satisfying, gift-givable slice of clicking heaven. You won’t be disappointed.

About the Author: Trent McGee