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Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
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Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

An innovative take on a gaming mechanical keyboard, although there are more than a few technical caveats to overcome.

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We’ve got wireless keyboards and mechanical keyboards, but never a combination of the two. This is especially true if you dreamt of having such a thing for gaming until now.

We all know Logitech makes both types but the G613 — to the best of my knowledge — is definitely one of a kind. What I do know is that is a model of firsts: with real mechanical switches instead of softer membranes, programmable keys, and fast 1ms polling rate for the lowest possible input latency. It’s already impressive based on these specs alone but the ability to temporarily free yourself from cords makes a technical accomplishment, with an acceptable trimming of other features to make up the price.

There’s no need for flashiness here and a utilitarian approach is handled for the G613, coming off as a successor to the existing G810. It is essentially a grayish slab that integrated a black wrist rest into the body, that while quite comfortable for long durations you’d expect it to be detachable. It’s an unexpected annoyance for all the talk of being ultraportable but this is only one piece of the G613’s cumulative measures of its attractive draw.

The G613 has a row of six programmable “G” keys along the left edge that fit within its full-size gaming keyboard pedigree, and even goes beyond the prior-generation Logitech G variants. The “G” keys are logically placed in their own column and are fairly easy to reach with your pinky finger, without too much distraction as vital shortcuts. Of course, the versatility comes through the Logitech Gaming Software where device profiles can saved for your most-played games, and flexible macro and keystroke customization can be programmed to do your bidding.

One tradeoff that you may not like are the media controls, namely the volume, above the number pad has a cheaper-feeling rocker switch whereas the G810 and G910 had a nice analog roller. Another knock against the G613 is the omission of backlighting (save for the battery indicators and Caps Lock) that commonly grace other gaming keyboards regardless of price and hierarchy. Many individuals live and die by their keyboard lights and might be a deal-breakers those who accept nothing less than RGB configurations, I personally find the compromise acceptable but gaming enthusiasts will certainly think otherwise.

Fortunately, the unlit aesthetic means that theoretical battery life won’t take a huge hit with two AA batteries or very often either, because Logitech estimates you can get extremely long 18 months before needing to swap. Wireless options can be switched on the fly for either Bluetooth or USB (Unifying receiver is included) and accuracy was generally excellent, although I won’t claim it as being absolutely flawless with a momentary drop when in Bluetooth mode. Yup, the G613 did indeed uphold its promise of playing cords-free for the games I threw at it, whether it was Just Cause 3, Battlefield 1, or Cuphead.

But, I can’t knock the G613 when it comes to actual usage because a lot of it comes down to the keys themselves. Logitech incorporates their own in-house Romer-G switches in lieu of Cherry MX models, and like the G810 I reviewed before the physical tactile feeling and key action remains unchanged. They are similar to the Cherry MX Brown except the actuation points help deliver an immediate response and linearity, without the audible click that other mechanical keys are known for.

Admittedly, you need to try out the Romer-G arrangement because it is something that requires familiarity, especially if haven’t played around with recent Logitech G keyboards before. The general verdict is an affable mechanical hybrid for both marathon typing and durability for hardcore gaming. Coincidentally, Logitech helps with a 30-day return policy if you can’t make a proper decision.

Again, it needs to be said that the Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is what you’ve been waiting for, offering both the technical responsiveness and wireless convenience — then the G613 is the only one that can perform such a feat. The look is understated and makes great use of its “G” keys with accompanying software. On the other hand, it has to compete with other keyboards that are better equipped with the expected features for the same $150 price tag. There’s needed room for improvement but the initial attempt here is very good.

About the Author: Herman Exum