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Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
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Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

A better than expected choice as a gaming mouse, but choosing between performance and unfettered longevity will be tough.

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A wireless gaming mice is a bit of a misnomer, where cursor accuracy and cutting the wired tether equals a painful realization of what can never be. Gamers are accustomed to this as quick and twitch-reactive movements are expected bindings to winning online. Others keep trying to eliminate these trapping and the Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse is no different, despite the fact sporting what they call improved 2.4GHz transmission technology. However, some of the same obstacles still plague this well-meaning mouse beyond moderate gameplay.

Before we get into that though, we should quickly go over the styling which for all intents and purposes gets the job done for looking like a nondescript gaming mouse. The G603 is understated with a seemingly symmetrical appearance that is different upon closer inspection — thanks largely to the left button being noticeably raised in relation to the right — both of which have a lightly sculpted look to help cradle pointer/index fingers. Otherwise, everything else is rather plain and purpose-built with a clickable scroll wheel, DPI adjustment button directly below it, and two long buttons on the left side for whatever you to program to do. Underneath is the power switch that can be set between efficiency/performance and a pairing button.

The aesthetic is forgoes edgy bulges for an everyday look that avoids being gaudy, and we do appreciate that sensibility and physical comfort are taken into consideration. This also means that the G603 is afforded some customization through the Logitech Gaming Software, where a lot of the appeal comes in the form of function assigning, multikey macro, and the ability to change DPI sensitivity and report rate. Hardcore gamers in particular will notice that the G603 is lacking illumination, depending on who you are this may or may not be a cardinal sin.

Yes, the G603 report movements can be changed in single DPI increments under five DPI presets, with active ‘DPI shift’ for temporary on the fly usage. Another perk is changing report rate between four options (125 to 1000 reports per second). Finally, there’s the ability for mouse click recording that shows how many were done over a certain period on a heat map (for whatever reason), and a nifty battery meter that shows how much life is left.

Wireless mice always feel freeing upon if you’re coming from years of using a wired mouse, no longer burdened by a cable that is short or awkwardly positioned on your desk. Of course the G603 fits the criteria of being a convenient pointer for any crowded workspace, which is where the merits of ditching wires is apparent as a full-time daily tool. Logitech has boasted that its engineers toiled away making the G603 the best mouse it can be, many hours were spent at their lab in Switzerland to get everything just about perfect…relatively speaking.

Despite the efforts taken, there are concessions to be made in order get that advertised performance and reduce cursor lag. On normal settings the G603 is competent and does exhibit some slowdown under quick movements, this can be especially jarring on dual-screen setups where you need to work across a wide expanse.

These occasional drops are expected until you jump into the ‘performance’ mode (labeled “Hi” on the bottom power switch), which puts the optical sensor’s polling rate into its absolute maximum to 1ms and overrides the Logitech Gaming Software. Here is where the G603 shines the brightest but also lasts less than half as long at 500 hours (average), compared to the “Lo” setting that grants you the opportunity to get 18 months out of two AAs. If you go all-out for nearly lag-free performance we recommend getting a spare set of rechargeable batteries. The experience is indeed better but still not ideal for gaming.

The G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse attempts to bridge the unfathomable link between wireless and gaming prowess, but we understand the improbability no matter how much money you throw at it. Granted, cable management is a pain in the ass and the G603 is a fair conciliation in eliminating it, but you’ll have to give up some precision and visual flair for mousing freedom and a compliment to the G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.


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