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CLCKR iPhone Case
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CLCKR iPhone Case

Selfie lovers and mobile streamers will get the most from this handy case.

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I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I always do when purchasing a new phone is grab a case for it. Then there are so many different things you can get to modify your case, such as those nifty grabbers or holders to easily prop up your phone or hold for selfies. CLCKR has combined all of these ideas into their latest phone cases for both iPhone and Android, but I’m reviewing the CLCKR iPhone Case here, and it’s perfect for anyone wants to have their phone handy (pun intended of course).

I requested the Perforated Black case for review, which is a study, hard plastic shell with a leather-like, perforated texture on the back. It’s also raised a bit along the edges, which provides a nice layer of protection for your screen whenever you sit the phone face down (which I find myself doing quite a lot when sitting at a table).

I’m also happy to say that the case doesn’t interfere with any of the buttons, speakers, cameras, and charging ports which is always a plus. One the best features of all is that you can still wirelessly charge your phone with the case on.

Now we come to the grip part of the case, which is what separates it from all the rest. To turn it into a stand to prop your phone up horizontally or vertically for watching content, using Facetime, and such, you just slide the grip handle down on the back and click it into place. This alone is already neat enough, but it goes a step further where you can slide the handle up some to transform into a band-like holder for your device.

Even better is that the grip handle is big enough to slide four of your fingers through to ensure it’s secure in your hand, making it perfect for taking selfies or using your device in situations where normally you would risk dropping or losing your phone. I found this to be very useful for when I wanted to hold onto my phone and have it readily available without having to worry about it slipping or dropping it while having to do quickly do something else.

The CLCKR iPhone Case is the perfect case for those who wish to have their phone on hand (yup, another pun) while on the move and hate worrying about dropping or losing their device. With plenty of colors to choose from and with cases available for both iPhone and Android, you’ll want to get a grip on this case for sure.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell