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ChargeHub Powerstation 360 Surge Protector Power Strip
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ChargeHub Powerstation 360 Surge Protector Power Strip

A nice solution for those needing a surge protecting power strip for many and any devices.

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Me and a close friend/editor on the site are always talking about how a lot of people don’t know the difference between a standard power strip and a surge protecting one. They just buy a plain one and hope for the best that it’ll work without setting the place on fire. True electronic gurus will instead invest in a surge protector for their devices, as you can’t put a price on all of your equipment being fried should a sudden power surge, blackout or brownout occur.

I just so happened to be looking for another one for my living room home theater setup, and Limitless Innovations came to the rescue with the ChargeHub Powerstation 360 Surge Protector Power Strip. For $60 you can purchase a piece of mind for any of your electronics without taking up a lot of space in the process.

As soon as I pulled this out of the box, I could tell it was a sturdy piece of equipment that has a nice amount of weight to it along with a heavy-duty, six-foot power cord with a 90-degree plug that’s a nice bonus. With six standard AC outlets and four USB slots, the ChargeHub Powerstation 360 can juice up ten devices all at once while providing up to 4000 Joules of surge protection (with a replaceable 10A/250V Fuse should something happen).

As with their ChargeHub X3, the USB slots can go from 2.4 or 5 amps, and the AC outlets are positioned in a circular pattern that makes sure everyone can plug in anything they need no matter how bulky the plug.

To make sure your home outlet is functioning properly, there’s an LED light to let you know if the unit is Protected/Grounded, and the nice textured finish is scratch-resistant which is always a plus if you plan of having the unit on the floor or have people not paying attention to where the plugs are going while trying to charge/power their devices.

If you don’t want the unit on the ground then you’re in luck, as the ChargeHub can be mounted on your all should you choose. Limitless Innovations makes it easy to do thanks to the included screws, hanging template, and instructions that make you feel like a wall mounting pro.

The ChargeHub Powerstation 360 Surge Protector Power Strip is a nice choice for those looking for a power strip that also keeps your devices safe from sudden power spikes that can easily fry them. Featuring plenty of outlets and USB slots that are spaced out nicely, a scratch resistant finish and the fact it can be wall mounted, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell