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Wicked Audio 3D Series Headphones
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Wicked Audio 3D Series Headphones

Forgetting the Made for Jersey Shore styling, more than suitable if casual everyday listening – with a little added flair.

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When does it become necessary to shell out big bucks for the best listening experience? Audio fans certainly have plenty of choices when it comes to picking just the right headset for their listening needs, from the Uber-luxurious to the absolute barebone offerings; but not all of them are created equal. From what we gathered during our sessions with Wicked Audio and their line of 3D Series Headphones that even the most modestly priced earmuffs can appear, and nearly sound, larger than life.

“Bold” and “Trendy” immediately spring to mind when you lay eyes upon these headphones. They’re large and certainly look in charge, obviously designed to help any cranium sporting them stand out from the pack. Wicked Audio’s produced three stylish flavors to help match your distinct personality, provided you live for bass and not much else (I’ll explain more in a bit).

Our unit was trimmed in the Airline Special, which looks quite classy in gold and black raised rubber lining yet unabashedly conspicuous when worn in a crowd. The other versions, , the Hero (WI-8310) and the Xyz (WI-8320) provide equal, if not more over-the-top pizzazz to an otherwise basic pair of headphones that also sport swiveling padded earcups, adjustable headband, and in-line volume control.

As for build quality itself, you certainly could do worse for the low asking price of $29.99 as they feel sturdy enough to be tossed around lightly, but not aggressively so. The plastic bits are a little on the cheap side and felt more flimsy than I would have liked, which apparently was cost-conscious compromise for getting the most for your greenbacks. Personally, I prefer traditional headphones over contemporary earbuds and the fit that the 3D Series provides is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Aside from the visual aesthetics on the outside there’s practically nothing that feels awkward or distracting while they sit snuggly or loosely over the head and do much to block out external noise.

What doesn’t feel like a compromise is the sound quality. If having loud audio is your thing then you’ll definitely appreciate the emphasis on heavy bass and deep acoustic balance that actually does a good job of preventing harmonic distortion, mainly when various instruments are playing at once. Genres such as Fusion Jazz from Stanley Jordan, Rock from Peter Frampton, and even lot of E-40 to classic Wu-Tang Clan are practically predestined to sound relatively good on these headphones. Quieter background elements, sadly, did come out a bit muffled but let’s be honest – treble-friendly recordings such as audiobooks and country music simply aren’t made for this bad boy. Quite frankly, I approve.

There’s the old saying of getting what you pay for and with Wicked Audio and their 3D Series Headphones you’re definitely getting a lot of stereophonic quality for so little coin. Sure, there are some people that will either love or hate the “made for Jersey Shore” styling and there’s no question the strange elevation of thumping bass over everything else might be a dealbreaker for those who favor softer audio preferences. But compared to most competing audio gear available in this price range the value is obvious. Overall, they’re more than suitable if casual everyday listening – with a little added flair – is what you’re after.

About the Author: Herman Exum