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Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
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Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech agreeably fuses productivity and chic styling for everyday Bluetooth typing.

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Keyboards are a dime every two dozen at this point. While most choices aren’t bad, very few actually stand out. Logitech is a company so synonymous with the market that’s hard to keep up when something like the K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard comes around, because it hardly stands out at first.

Let’s be honest shall we? A small wireless keyboard doesn’t need to amaze people and only needs to be functional, but this doesn’t mean there should be a lack of style as well. Any semblance of sharp edges is completely excised from the K380, the corners are curved and keys are distinctly round for a bubbly appearance. The whole design is as far from offensive as you can possibly get with its disarming blue/teal color scheme and thick Fisher-Price like plastic build, although it also comes in black/yellow for more masculine tastes.

Despite the lingering snickers from other workaday adults, the K380 is fairly compact and durable. You can throw this keyboard in a stuffed backpack or bang it around (within reason), and still take comfort in knowing that the 14.92 oz body will eagerly turn on and pair without complaint. And it should be considering its 10.9” width and 0.6” thickness, not the sleekest or lightest design by any stretch but necessary all the same.

And it does play nicely any Bluetooth-enabled device currently available: Windows 7/8/8.1/10? Yep. Android 3.2 tablets and smartphones? Sure thing. Mac OS X? Of course. iOS 5 and up? You’re covered. Chrome OS? Go ahead. Although the jury is still out on the current Apple TV model.

Typing with the K380 brings a softer touch to the chiclet-styled arrangement, but nothing expectedly sloppy or missed when composing articles or essays at full-speed. This attribute is usually a match made in hell, where finger speed is often dictated by actual input response. A 40-word-per-minute speedster with medium-sized hands can comfortably get their point across without having to sacrifice productivity, similar to most traditional desktop keyboards sitting in classrooms and cubicles.

Pairing is memorized on three profiles for your favorite devices and auto-mapping for most platforms is automatic (Windows/Mac/Android), which is welcome if touching the screen is too distracting. The performance is instant and is almost second nature with compatible systems, however, some of those multi-labeled keys and convenience is disabled unless you download the additional Logitech Options software to bring everything up to speed. An ironic quirk, I know. My only other issue is the packaging itself, because it doesn’t include the matching M535 Bluetooth Mouse. For all intents and purposes these really should be bundled together at a more fitting price.

For Logitech, the K380 is everything they know about affordable Bluetooth keyboards and makes it more image-conscious to match. Admittedly, the style won’t fit in most workspaces but the features and value is hard to ignore, while keeping pace with the common power typists. You can certainly do worse for a lot more money.

About the Author: Herman Exum