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GeIL SUPER LUCE DDR4-2666 32GB Dual-Channel Kit
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GeIL SUPER LUCE DDR4-2666 32GB Dual-Channel Kit

GeIL makes it very clear they want a piece of the PC gaming rig pie with their ‘enthusiast’ memory kit.

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Golden Emperor International Limited (GeIL) is a company has been producing high-quality modules from custom-sorted DRAM ICs for quite some time, but many mainstream PC builders are recently discovering the brand. Their roots were firmly in manufacturing but they gained a loyal following in recent years—for us though, the SUPER LUCE DDR4-2666 32GB Dual-Channel Kit will be our first experience.

Boy, what an impression it makes on appearance alone. Large heat spreaders, with ornamental ridges cover the PCB almost entirely. The crown jewel however, sits right on top with a contoured LED light bar that even starts pulsing in levels corresponding to real-time memory temperature. These are aesthetic touches solely to attract the enthusiast PC gamer, like an oversized beacon in the darkness, and available in various options: black or white spreader featuring red, white, green, and blue lighting.

Our Super Luce modules come direct from GeIL are more value-oriented but surprisingly opts for 1.35 volts and XMP profile timings set to 15-15-15-36, on each PC4-21300 16GB stick. These variants are usually the recommended bare minimum for builds incorporating the Intel X99 chipset.

The test system we’re using is pretty well-rounded for mainstream users, equipped with a GIGABYTE GA-Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard, 3.4GHz Intel i7-6700 CPU, EVGA 8GB GTX 1070 SuperClocked GAMING ACX 3.0, Corsair CX750 PSU, Crucial 1TB MX300 SSD, running Windows 10 Pro.

GeIL became the reigning champion of current benchmark tests. AIDA64 Professional is a dialogistic tool used for checking stability and component stress, specifically memory read/write/latency after running the test three times for the average figure and 62.3ns (nanoseconds). WinRAR produced similar results at 16406KB/sec.

During our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare frame benchmarks with maximum settings on 1080p, the average for the Super Luce did excellent at 117 FPS, with the numbers topping out at 132 FPS.

GeIL have given us an astounding competitor with the SUPER LUCE DDR4-2666 32GB Dual-Channel Kit. It handily gains an edge over prior modules tested, and aggressively priced to undercut them too. However, GeIL makes an even better SUPER LUCE DDR4-3000 Kit, which is what we actually recommend if you can squeeze it into your budget, or plan to upgrade to something more substantial.

Nevertheless, this is a solid kit for not a lot of dough so I’m not really complaining.

About the Author: Herman Exum