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Urbanista Stockholm Plus Wireless Earbuds
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Urbanista Stockholm Plus Wireless Earbuds

Those looking for the best wireless earbuds on a budget need look no further.

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As someone who is on the phone quite a bit dealing with personal and business matters, having a good headset or earbuds for my iPhone is a must. I had been looking into finally making the leap from my traditional wired headset that is always finding a way to snag on things and get tangled, to the glorious world of wireless earbuds. Our newfound friends at Urbanista were kind enough to send me a pair of Urbanista Stockholm Plus Wireless Earbuds for review, and they’re the best ones I’ve used so far while being perfect for anyone on a budget.

The Sweden-based Urbanista has been in the business of making quality, wireless earbuds for some time now, with their most notable being their noise-canceling London ones. After releasing the standard Stockholm earbuds last year, most agreed they were good but could use some improvements overall. Not taking these comments lightly, Urbanista rose to the challenge of making them better which leads us to the “Plus” version. These earbuds use 12mm dynamic drivers that deliver a nice balance of bass, mid-range and treble that’s immediately noticeable when listening to HD audio such as Apple Radio or any high quality tunes you have on your mobile devices. This is most likely thanks to these supporting AAC as well as the standard SBC audio codecs (aptX lovers are out of luck here).

Outside of the amazing sound, the best part is how easy they are to setup and use. As soon as you open the case, the earbuds start looking to pair with your device with blinking blue LED lights on each piece to let you know they’re powered and ready. So once you’ve connected to them from your device’s end, anytime you remove them from the case and by the time you place them in your ears, they’re all set to use. They also feature around 3.5 hours of listening time depending on what volume levels you use, and I can confirm I got around that much time between taking calls and listening to music around 70-80% volume.

The charging case holds about 20 hours of backup power, which comes out to around five recharges which is pretty nice. Those looking to charge the case wirelessly might be bummed it doesn’t support it, Instead it uses a USB-C cable which is the new normal for most electronics, and there’s four white LEDs on the front of the case to let you know when it’s fully charged and how much power is left.

The dual microphones also work really well, though you’ll still have that “Bluetooth” sound to those receiving your calls, which isn’t bad by any means, though just not as clear/clean as a wired headset. I found the range on these to be really impressive as I found myself leaving my phone in my bedroom, and walking through my home to the kitchen and living room some 15 to 20 feet away and through numerous walls and still had a solid connection.

As with most wireless earbuds, these also allow you to use change the volume, play/pause music and skip tracks, answer calls and even use voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. It took some getting used to the controls such tapping the left bud to decrease volume and tapping the right to increase it, double tapping the right one to get Siri to appear, and so on. Once you do though, you’ll be swapping between music and phone calls like a pro. Another sweet feature is the handy reset button on the case, for times when the earbuds fail to pair with your device or if they act up when pairing to multiple devices.

Those looking for some of the best wireless earbuds you can get without breaking the bank will want to pick up the Urbanista Stockholm Plus Wireless Earbuds. They sound great, have good battery life, excellent range, nifty features, and come in multiple colors (midnight black for me) – all for $70. If you’ve been drooling over the latest Apple wireless whatever buds but didn’t want to go bankrupt getting them, be sure to give these babies a try, as they’re a definite plus.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell