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Thrustmaster Ghost Recon Wildlands Gaming Headset
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Thrustmaster Ghost Recon Wildlands Gaming Headset

This Ghost Recon-branded headset is well-made and big on features; a solid option for pro and casual gamers alike.

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Being both a PC and console game player, I’m always down for trying out new headsets as I love having great sound coupled with a good mic for when I need it. After using a few others for my PlayStation 4 such as some of Turtle Beach’s line which worked well enough for me, I was sent the Y-350P Ghost Recon Wildlands Gaming Headset by Thrustmaster for review. While I admit to being a little put off at first by the giant sized headset and the controller adapter, this is by far the best one I’ve used on the PS4 – and quite possibly ever.

For those who want to get this for the Xbox One, PC, etc, they have you covered with other models of this unit for those as well. While Thrustmaster released this very same unit with a DOOM theme last year, this year’s model features the recently released Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. This means it has plenty of sweet looking military style markings, some nice skull images inside the ear cups, and of course the name of the game on the headband. Now while some (like myself) won’t understand what “optimized frequency response curve for bass, medium and high frequencies” is along with other technical jargon the box says, I can tell you the sound is pretty amazing in layman’s terms thanks to the powerful 60mm drivers the earpieces feature.

The headset is also well made and comfortable thanks to a sturdy feel, swiveling earpieces to prevent breakage and maximize comfort while adjusting, and comfy memory foam on the earcups and headband that make it  a pleasure to wear even after hours of gaming.

To make things even better, there’s a neat little controller adapter called “The Y Sound Commander” that you attach to the bottom of your PlayStation 4 controller that was made by Thrustmaster, Texas Instruments and AM3D. This powers the headset via an inline battery and also places controls such as volume, bass level, mute, and 7.1 Virtual Surround at your fingertips. For someone that’s used to having these options on a tiny dongle on the headset wire, this attachment is a godsend as I love being able to quickly access the volume and mute buttons. I also like how the volume and bass levels feature two different lights (volume is blue, bass is yellow/gold) as to know which setting you’re turning up and down.

The 7.1 virtual surround sound is a nice bonus as it adds a layer of depth to the audio to make it feel like it’s really coming from all around you, which comes in handy when enemies (or other players, possibly both) are trying to get the drop on you.

There’s also an on/off switch so you can unplug the headset from the Sound Commander while leaving it attached to your controller for easy switching to back to your TV or home theater sound. I admit it does take a bit getting used to the Sound Commander being on the controller, especially if you have big hands like I do. But it does conform to the controller pretty well while still giving you enough space to grip with little problems. The detachable and adjustable voice targeting microphone works just as amazing as the audio. It says it’s designed to pick up only your voice, and it does this pretty well as my online gaming buddies can attest to as they heard me loud, clear and without issue, even as I had things going on in the background.

If you don’t mind the $130 asking price and in the market for a solid, comfortable headset for the PlayStation 4, I highly recommend the Thrustmaster Y-350P Ghost Recon Wildlands Gaming Headset. It’s study, comfy for long gaming sessions, has a good mic and amazing sound, as well as some pretty nifty features on the Sound Commander attachment that make this headset perfect for Ghost Recon Wildlands or any of your favorite games where communication and precise audio are key to winning.


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