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HUHD 2.4Ghz Universal Wireless Optical Gaming Headset
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HUHD 2.4Ghz Universal Wireless Optical Gaming Headset

Those looking for a solid wireless headset on a budget can’t go wrong with HUHD’s inexpensive offering.

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Being an avid gamer and listening to music and movies on a headset, I’m very picky on which kind I get. I was actually just about to look for some new ones when we were sent over the HUHD 2.4Ghz Universal Wireless Optical Gaming Headset (HW-398M) for review. I usually don’t care for wireless stuff, but after putting it through a few tests, I actually didn’t mind these and would recommended them to anyone looking for a decent pair without hurting their wallets.

The first thing I noticed right off the bat were how cushioned these are, as there’s plenty of padding at the top and on the ear cups to make sure they’re nice and comfortable. For a wireless headset, I also found them to be pretty light and almost unnoticeable after wearing them for a while. One of the best things about this product is that it also comes with interchangeable wires to connect the wireless transmitter or headset directly to just about any device you use. There’s a 2.5mm cable, 3.5, Micro USB, and an optical cable to make sure you’re covered no matter how you use them, from video game consoles to your TV, PC, mobile device, etc. There’s also a detachable microphone if you just wish to use it as headphones and makes it less prone to breaking or snapping off.

Once you’ve connected the transmitter to your device and have charged up the headset for about roughly 4-5 hours, you’re all set to pair it with the transmitter and power it on to use. Gamers will be happy to know there’s two separate dials you can use to balance the voice chat volume from any other input volume you have coming through such as games, music or TV audio, and there’s also a mute switch. While there isn’t a bass adjustor or any kind of audio tweaking, the sound right out of the box was surprisingly good with a nice, crisp sound with just the right amount of bass, thanks in part to the 40mm speakers. I’ve also noticed that if you’re playing something particularly bass filled, the headset tends to vibrate a little as to literally make you feel the bass. The microphone also worked well as my friends didn’t notice any kind of feedback, echoing or distortion as I chatted with them, which is always a plus for wireless devices that are normally prone to such things.

Those who enjoy having good battery life from their devices will be happy to know that I got around 12-13 hours of use from them before they needed charging again. That’s actually pretty good when compared to more expensive sets that might give you 4-5 hours. Speaking of which, most places I’ve checked sell these for around $58.99, again which is good compared to other devices that will cost you at least $100 or more.

Those looking for a nice wireless headset for a reasonable price can’t go wrong with the HUHD 2.4Ghz Universal Wireless Optical Gaming Headset. Featuring some nice bells and whistles, plenty of ways to connect to just about any device, all for a decent price, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better in this range of headsets.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell