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Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Headphones
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Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Headphones

Smoothness and a concert-like appreciation for music is executed nicely on these headphones.

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The home listener is a very peculiar individual, they typically enjoy music for leisure or to forget an arduous workday. It is a earned pleasure to be able to sit down with a pair of headphones and capture every detail in whatever they enjoy listening to, and sometimes adding a sublime level of theater as a means to decompress. Beyerdynamic thinks they have the answer with the Amiron Home Headphones.

The Amiron

These are open-ear headphones that take styling cues from its bigger brothers, the T5p and the venerable T1. Like those elegant offerings the body construction is metallic, and is incorporated into the yoke and decorative rings by solid and die-cast aluminum. Velvety microfiber cut from Alcantara is used primarily for the ear pads and headband, with added microvelour utilized to aid in temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating effects for extended comfort. Additionally, fabric in front of the multilayer compound calotte reduces high-frequency resonances and increases bass precision.

You get one 9.8-foot detachable cable that has a twist-off 6.35mm jack, the other end of the flexible wire has 3.5mm plugs that go into directly into each eapcup with no soldering joints at the Y-adapter. I probably don’t have to tell you that the Amiron Home is intended for audiophile devices such as turntables and stereo receivers whose primary function is music.


Thanks to Tesla magnetic technology and an open type profile you can expect tonal accuracy and acoustics that exhibit a concert-like characteristics optimized to breathe. Unlike before, placement of the neodymium magnets are mounted as rings that encircle the driver coils. The idea is more energy to the membrane for a richer dynamic in overall sound.

Aside from the transducers, the technical specs guarantee that the Amiron Home performs within its class. 250 Ohm (Ω) impedance, 102 dB (1 mW/500Hz) nominal SPL, frequency response of 5-40,000 Hz, and T.H.D of <0.05%. This is in line with current Beyerdynamic flagships.

Listening Experience

With a few week of listening under my belt and a number of audio source from DAPs (HiFiMAN MegaMini, Astell&Kern AK70) to amplifiers (Sony TA-A1ES), sticking to as much hi-res audio in FLAC and DSD formats. For everything I listened to, these headphones didn’t disappoint my ears even once, unsurprising since musical clarity is what the Amiron Home was born to portray.

Almost all headphones of this caliber have a forward-sounding profile. However, the Amiron Home tend to have a relatively tranquil signature to make the wearer as comfortable as possible. We like the approach but we completely understand that discerning listeners may want an essence of proper reference-like quality to their experience.

The soundstage makes good on its task of bringing a concert-like atmosphere to the ears, the piano on Chopin’s “Nocture Op. 9 No. 2” had a concentrated presence that felt live but not echoed throughout. There’s a level of restraint that won’t overwhelm and maintains a natural signature. I would consider the Amiron Home tuned for neutrality with only a hint warmth mixed in, although mids are softer to compliment the treble. Again, it sounds pleasant but wasn’t particularly aggressive or boosted to compensate for bass, in fact, the low frequencies are tweaked for outright clarity.

For example, Beck’s “Where It’s At” has bass with both low-mid richness and high-mid treble edge instead of favoring one or the other. They don’t reach too far but don’t come off as flat either, it really is a great combination that has satisfactory presence. Vocals is another strong trait of the headphones that are spatial in nature, Ray Charles’ classic “Georgia on My Mind” is brought on by exacting lows and coarse highs, or as Beyerdynamic would like you to believe you’re right there listening live.

Nice and Complimentary 

As a whole, Beyerdynamic has taken a slightly different approach with their Amiron Home Headphones. These headphones have an easygoing presentation centered on smoother enjoyment, but they do maintain many of the core attributes that make their more expensive and its T90 predecessor so good. For unyielding audiophiles these are more complimentary than obligatory, but they’re exactly ideal for people who just want to appreciate music on an elevated level. Think of the Amiron Home as a gateway to decadence as you drown out the workaday world.


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