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Antlion ModMic USB Noise-Cancelling Microphone
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Antlion ModMic USB Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Antlion’s latest lets you to use your favorite headphones with a headset-like microphone for the best setup possible.

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If you’re into headsets and headphones like me, chances are you’ve run into the infamous problem of wanting a headset with a mic to easily record podcasts and voice chat, but are happy with a stand alone pair of headphones that sound perfect for music, movies, and such. Thankfully Antlion lets you have your audio cake and eat it too with the Antlion ModMic USB Noise-Cancelling Microphone. Now you can clip this awesome USB microphone to your favorite headphones and audio multitask to your heart’s content.

Everything you need to get started is right in the box, including a handy carrying case when on the go. First you wipe off a spot on your headphones with the included alcohol wipes where you wish to place the base magnetic clip. Then you peel off the back of the clip to stick it onto your headset while letting it set overnight to make sure the glue takes hold.

Plug the mic to a USB port on your computer, Mac, or PlayStation 4 (sadly it doesn’t work on Xbox), and then you’re ready to magnetically clip the mic holder to the base on your headphones and get to talking. You can even do multiple headphones as it comes with a few base stickers should you ever want or need to swap the mic between them.

The sound quality is pretty good, as my friends using Discord and Skype on my PC, as well as the ones on my PlayStation 4 chat could hear me without any issues. It’s also pretty good if you’re looking to voice record on programs such as Audacity and OBS. The cord is also 6.5ft (2m) long which should work out pretty good for those who aren’t too far away from their device of choice.

Going back to the mic, it has a nifty switch on it that allows you to toggle between unidirectional mode which is good for everyday recording and focuses strictly on your voice while drowning out background noise, or omnidirectional for picking up multiple voices or sounds around the microphone. This setting is sure to come in handy for something like a one on one interview or having a group podcast as long as everyone is fairly close to the mic.

While there’s a lack of mic volume controls on the cord’s inline switch, there is a nice sized mute button for you to use when you need it. It even glows a bright red when it’s in use to let you know it’s safe to speak privately to someone else or need a reminder as to why no one can hear you in voice chat (admit it, we’ve all been there).

The Antlion ModMic USB Noise-Cancelling Microphone is a great solution for those debating on giving up their favorite headphones for generic sound from a headset. Thanks to Antlion, people finally have another option outside of the typical headphone/external microphone such as ones clamped to your desk or others such as the Blue Yeti. With a simple setup and everything to need to stick the mic to your headphones, this device is sure to have everyone talking (about it).

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