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Gourmia Sorbet Central Automatic Frozen Dessert Maker
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Gourmia Sorbet Central Automatic Frozen Dessert Maker

Frozen treats and healthy lifestyle can be daunting, but Gourmia makes it easy with their dessert maker.

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Summer is here and it’s hot as hell out there. On the culinary side we’re all going to indulge on frozen treats, but for many that will make trying to maintain an ideal weight or peacocking at the pool a challenge. It really does suck but Gourmia and their Sorbet Central offers a viable alternative if delicacies and willpower didn’t mix before.

It’s like an ice cream maker (ironically it’s says it is, but isn’t), except that you’re substituting diary completely with fruits in soft-serve or sherbet fashion. In fact, it’s somewhat easier to make these versus the traditional method, and it actually tastes great if you’re open to self-experimentation.

The machine is simple in design and requires some assembly, but piecing together the dispenser, grinder, chute and other bits into the main housing is straightforward enough. Like other small kitchen appliances you don’t need tools and attachment cleanup is a cinch, but avoid submerging the housing unit into water is not recommended and you’ll need a sensitive touch since the putting this in the dishwasher is out the question. The metallic + plastic look isn’t remarkable, but the vertical orientation does save a lot of countertop space.

You’d think it’d be complicated to use something like this, Well, that’s where you’d be wrong because the Sorbet Central simply processes your ingredients into a bowl-friendly dish. Of course, there is some preparation involved as the fruit of your choice needs to be frozen beforehand and also cut into smaller chucks (not a problem with a frozen bag of fruit bought at the groceries) in order to be pushed through.

This does make a racket when turned on but the time it only takes two minutes to produce dessert, and another half-hour back in the freezer to regain some firmness. You’re not limited to one type of fruit (or vegetable) either if you wanna mix things up for unique flavors. You can even throw in bits of chocolate to liven up a concocted banana/orange sherbet, or whatever else you can think of. Have you ever tried peach coconut sorbet infused with rum? You can finally enjoy making it here.

As you’ve probably noticed, I keep using the word sorbet and sherbet interchangeably in this review, because like its product name, the Sorbet Central is not a regular ice cream maker. It’s meant to be a replacement and open you to the idea of enjoying frozen sweet that are healthier without the associated dairy or milkfat. For people who’ve never had sorbet or sherbet it’s going to have a fuller taste and eliminates the airy quality, making a more of the thick puree with more edible content per volume. In many ways, it’s more filling and supposed to be much better for you.

The Sorbet Central has two things going for it: it’s very simple to use and doesn’t cost a lot. This is what people want when they initially cringe at the thought of eating better, but Gourmia shows us that swapping out certain sweets doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. It’s not the most sophisticated automated frozen machine out there but is a right step in a healthier direction.

About the Author: Herman Exum