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The State of Gaming August 2020: Flight Simulator 2020, Battletoads, Crysis 8K, Halo Infinite, Apple Fortnite Fight, NPD and High Score

The State of Gaming August 2020: Flight Simulator 2020, Battletoads, Crysis 8K, Halo Infinite, Apple Fortnite Fight, NPD and High Score

The guys talk the return of Microsoft heavy-hitters, Apple’s legal battles, and funny game dev sitcoms.

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It’s The State of Gaming Podcast for August 2020, the latest episode of Popzara’s in-depth look at what’s shaking up the gaming landscape delivered on a monthly basis. Listen as our hosts Cory Galliher and Nate Evans guide you through the best, worst, and everything else making headlines and headway in the fine world of interactive entertainment. There’s nothing else quite like it anywhere else – so let’s get to it!

The Month of Microsoft

Two marquee releases hit Microsoft platforms this month, both new entries in long slumbering franchises, both available to download and play on the company’s Game Pass service, and both with very different results. Front and center is the return of Flight Simulator, i.e. Flight Simulator 2020, the first new entry in the fanatically realistic aviation replicator since 2006. Apart from cruising around the globe in style, it also marks the return of the big-budget PC-exclusive blockbuster – a rarity in a world where everything seems available for everything.

The other would be the return of another long dormant franchise, warts and all. Welcome back to the world of Battletoads, Rare’s side-scrolling beat ‘em up brawler answer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in every way that matters. Our hosts have very different opinions on this new iteration (to say the least), so stay tuned for a lengthy discussion on why you shouldn’t bother listening to snarky reviews when it’s easier to just play the game (and make up your own mind) for yourselves. Thanks, Game Pass!

In Other News

You’ve probably heard that Epic Games is suing Apple for their removal of Fortnite from Apple platforms; what you probably haven’t heard is why, and what the legal outcome could mean not just for the future of the “walled-garden” ecosystem model, but how future games could be distributed by and through varying game stores, launchers, and even those streamed from the mighty cloud itself.

You’ll also hear commentary on the (yet again) delay of Microsoft’s Halo Infinite and the upcoming hardware updates and how pricing for the next-generation hardware that will make all the difference, why the upcoming 8K / Ray-tracing enhanced PC version of Crysis Remastered is looking to revive the old “But can it play Crysis?” question for a new generation, NPD’s Top Twenty best-selling games for July 2020 (including the chart-topping Ghost of Tsushima), Netflix’s High Score documentary series and why Apple TV+ game dev sitcom Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet could be just the thing to curb the shakes since HBO’s Silicon Valley ended.

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