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Solo: A New Hope for the Star Wars Faithful

Solo: A New Hope for the Star Wars Faithful

The team talk the latest Star Wars prequel and whether it’s possible to love Chewbacca even more than we already do.

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In this scurrilous episode of the Popzara Podcast we’ve scoured the worst hives of scum and villainy to put together a team to talk Solo: A Star Wars Story, the second Star Wars Anthology film – and fourth overall – since Disney took control of the franchise. At the helm are Nathan Evans joined by Annette Palmer and Chris Mitchell to discuss the latest Star Wars prequel in one glorious spoiler-filled gab session. You’ve been warned!

It’s a film surprisingly closer to a straightforward buddy-comedy heist caper than the franchise’s typical space melodrama, one filled with more laughs and genuine friendships than most summer blockbusters could ever dream of. The team talk everything from whether Alden Ehrenreich successfully assumes the role made famous by Harrison Ford, if it’s possible to love Chewbacca too much (answer: no!), the film’s troubled production that saw its original directors fired and replaced, droid sexuality, if Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) has a cape addiction, and the shocking return of a character we assumed had split – literally.

Above all else, they answer the most burning question of all: following the disappointment of The Last Jedi, a film that grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and somehow managed to leave hardcore fans soured, whether it’s OK for them to feel hope again.

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