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Sega Genesis Mini: 30 Years of Blast Processing Fun

Sega Genesis Mini: 30 Years of Blast Processing Fun

Cory, Herman and Nate talk Sega’s loving homage to their most popular console, the Sega Genesis Mini.

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In this arcade-perfect episode of the Popzara Podcast our own retro lovers Cory Galliher, Herman Exum and Nate Evans join the 16-bit revolution by talking all about the Sega Genesis Mini, the latest – and greatest – effort by Sega to monetize nostalgia via a dedicated micro-console absolutely packed with some of the very best games the platform had to offer.

Listen as the retro nerds take you back to a very different era in gaming – the early 1990s. A time when consoles were measured in bits and megabytes mattered. In the wild west of pixel-swinging few things mattered more than the historic Sega versus Nintendo “console war”, which you’ll get to relive all over again – now in high-definition!

Did you favorite 16-bit game make the Genesis Mini’s impressive 42 game collection? Considering the selection, it’s likely you’ll come away more than happy. How does the Genesis Mini stack up to its retro competition, chiefly Nintendo’s NES/SNES Classic and Sony’s PlayStation Classic? Is there such a thing as too many Sonic the Hedgehog games? Can Contra and Gunstar Heroes peacefully coexist? Are you Team 3-button or Team 6-button? So many questions, so many answers!

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