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Developers Sundae Month Talks Dad Quest, Safe Child Tossing

Developers Sundae Month Talks Dad Quest, Safe Child Tossing

Nate talks with about their Sundae Month about their child-chucking, pigeon-wacking retro platformer.

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In this rearing edition of the Popzara Podcast our own editorial patriarch Nathan Evans talks with Eric Winebrenner and Ryan Huggins, proud parents of indie developer Sundae Month, about their latest digital bundle of joy, Dad Quest, a side-scrolling retro themed platformer that blends traditional 2D skills with weaponized children. The game even charmed our own Nia Bothwell into saying it has “a surprising level of depth and emotion to go along with its message of parental support and pigeon-wacking.” High praise, indeed!

From its genesis as a Flash-based roguelike to the 2D, pixel-powered platformer it became, there’s more to Dad Quest than its unique child-chucking mechanic. It’s an intriguing story about how a few students from Vermont went on to live the dream of indie game development (often while still being students), and how the power of the Dad Spirit can be strong with everyone. But please: don’t actually toss the children. That wouldn’t be good.

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