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Developer Pierre Corbinais Talks Bury Me, My Love

Developer Pierre Corbinais Talks Bury Me, My Love

Nia talks with Pierre Corbinais about his upcoming game documenting the Syrian refugee crisis, Bury Me, My Love.

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While stories of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis may dominate international headlines, few outside mainstream media have attempted to present the challenges facing those people fleeing their home country for what they hope is a better life elsewhere. In this stimulating episode of the Popzara Podcast Nia Bothwell talks with French game developer Pierre Corbinais, writer of the upcoming mobile game Bury me, my Love: A Story of Love, Hope and Migration, a unique interactive narrative due later this year for iOS and Android.

Nia and Pierre discuss the difficulties of translating sensitive material to a playable storyline, as well as the difficulties facing those indie developers attempting to expand narrative possibilities of the gaming industry. All this and what curious players can expect when the game launches later this year await sympathetic listening ears.

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