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Persona 5: Cheaper and Easier Than Actually Visiting Tokyo

Persona 5: Cheaper and Easier Than Actually Visiting Tokyo

Cory talks with Engadget’s Nick Summers about the distinctly Japanese essence and allure of Persona 5.

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On this scholastic episode of the Popzara Podcast our own supernaturally inclined Cory Galliher is joined by Engadget associate editor Nick Summers to discuss and rave about the latest entry in Atlus’ acclaimed Megami Tensei series, Persona 5!

Inspired by Nick’s recent piece “Persona 5 took me back to Tokyo”, the guys go full Nippon as they not only talk the series’ distinctly Japanese roots, but how the series has thrived when so many others in the genre failed. From its JRPG excellence to wide multicultural appeal, Persona 5 is many things to many people, and has been rightfully hailed as one of the best Japanese RPGs to come along in some time. Let’s see if you agree!

Break out the rice balls, stock up the bento boxes, and grab the maguro akami for this one; it’s cheaper than actually flying to Tokyo and twice as fun. Ganbatte!!

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