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Mother, Brother and Daughter: A Generational Gaming Journey

Mother, Brother and Daughter: A Generational Gaming Journey

Nia talks with her mom and younger brother about growing up with (and without) gaming in this intergenerational exchange.

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In this familiar episode of the Popzara Podcast our very own Nia Bothwell talks with the most personal of guests: her own mom, Dina Bothwell, and younger brother Kai Thompson, a ten-year old Nintendo fan who’d love to be a game developer when he grows older.

Listen as two generations share their experiences growing up with – and without – videogames as a constant presence in their lives. From hanging out at the arcade (remember those?), playing on a rented Atari, bonding over Mario Kart races, and the difficult lessons from Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, both mother and daughter discover they have more in common than either thought possible.

Laughter, tears, and the surprising story of a thoroughly modern family are on full display in this illuminating conversation between a proud parent and her children, and how encouraging hobbies can be the key to true happiness in the end.

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