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Popzara Podcast Horizon Zero Dawn: More Than Its Parts?

Popzara Podcast Horizon Zero Dawn: More Than Its Parts?

Is Sony’s open-world PS4 exclusive more than the sum of its (enviable) parts?

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In this undaunted episode of the Popzara Podcast our spirited warriors Cory Galliher and Nathan Evans level up to talk Horizon Zero Dawn, a massive open-world action adventure starring Aloy, Sony’s bow-slinging heroine fighting to learn not just about her mysterious past, but against robot dinosaurs. Huge robot dinosaurs.

The guys discuss the latest PS4 exclusive from developer Guerrilla Games (Killzone), and they don’t hold back. From the game’s striking similarities to other open-world epics, (largely overblown) criticisms of its presentation, its unique presentation of feminism and diversity, and how 2017 is shaping up to be one hell of a good year for gaming. Hey, it couldn’t be worse than last year, right?

Also on tap is the unavoidable: the ill-timing of being released in the same week as another ‘wildly’ anticipated open-world epic, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Listen now to see whether this AAA PlayStation blockbuster is worth your attention – and money (spoiler: it is!).