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Marijuana Activist Steven Machat Talks Legalization and Politics

Marijuana Activist Steven Machat Talks Legalization and Politics

Nathan talks with Steven Machat about marijuana legalization, The Wheel Party, and changing hearts and minds.

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With Colorado and Washington states the first in the union to make recreational use of marijuana legal, as well as efforts to decriminalize small amounts gaining momentum, it seems its only a matter of time before the rest of the country catches up. With so many in our penal system there on non-violent drug convictions, why aren’t more taking this conversation more seriously?

Our guest today on the Popzara Podcast would no doubt love to see that happen. A self-taught renaissance man, best-selling author, lecturer, and legendary entertainment attorney and manager whose clients have included Ozzy Osbourne, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Leonard Cohen, and Snoop Dogg, among others, Mr. Steven Machat is here and fully engaged.

As the founder/Owner of both Legalizepot.us (with the amazing tagline “YOUR PORTAL INTO THE WORLD FROM SEED TO WEED”) and The Wheel Party, as well as author of Gods Gangsters & Honour: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Odyssey, Steven talks with our Managing Editor Nathan Evans about everything from legalization, race politics, and voting the damn bums out. There’s a lot to take in and Steven loves to talk. So grab some snacks and settle in…you don’t wanna get the munchies and miss out.

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